Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and the Upcoming March 19th...

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and the Upcoming March 19th SuperMoon

I’ve been stunned like everyone else by the horrific earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan that happened on March 11th. Unlike some, however, I’ve been reading astrology articles about the event. I came across an interesting correlation proposed by several astrologers that a phenomenon called “SuperMoons” are possibly triggering recent large earthquakes and tsunamis.

First, a definition of “SuperMoon.” The distance between the Earth and the Moon varies, just as the distance between the Earth and other planets vary as we all orbit the Sun. A “SuperMoon” is a new or full moon which is particularly close to the earth compared to the average distance between the two.

One article was posted BEFORE the earthquake/tsunami and in fact warned of potential earthquakes and geological activity in association with the upcoming SuperMoon this Saturday on March 19th. The article in question is here, and I find it rather compelling. I did my own research comparing the following 20th Century and 21st Century SuperMoon tables, and while the correlation rate seems to be low pre-1972, post this time, and especially for the last three SuperMoons there seems to be quite a correlation. Although not exact, it seems that the latitude is several weeks but here are the links I’ve found so far:

SM: March 19, 2011
event: March 11, 9.0 earthquake/tsunami in Japan

SM: January 30, 2010
event: January 12, 7.0 earthquake in Haiti

SM: December 12, 2008
event: November 24, 7.3 Sea of Okhotsk Earthquake

SM: January 10, 2005
event: December 26, 2004 7.1 (moment magnitude of 9.1-9.3) Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami

SM: March 8, 1993
event: March 12-13, 1993 Superstorm of the Century, East Coast of North america

SM: January 19, 1992
event: no correlation so far

SM: December 2, 1990
event: no correlation so far

SM: February 26, 1975
event: February 4th 7.0 Haicheng, China earthquake

SM: January 8, 1974
event: no correlation so far

SM: November 20, 1972
event: no correlation so far

While this is by no means proof that SuperMoons are “causing” geological activity, it does seem however like the correlation is worth further investigation. While scientists claim there is “no way” that SuperMoons could be a factor, let’s remind ourselves that there is much that we do not know, and that yes, most people did think for quite a long time that the sun revolved around the earth instead of the other way around. That’s not saying that for sure there’s a correlation, but I think it would be short sighted to not investigate further. I’d also like to point out that if scientists knew everything they would have predicted the last three catastrophic events or at least be able to time their occurrence! Instead, the only foreshadowing/forewarning we had about the most recent Japanese earthquake was from astrologers!

Whether there is a definitive correlation between SuperMoons and tectonic activity, I can tell you one thing that you can count on; I won’t be planning any beach vacations near the next scheduled SuperMoon on November 14, 2016!


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