“Fire Cosmic Cruise” Full Moon Mix Tap...

“Fire Cosmic Cruise” Full Moon Mix Tape!

Last night, trying to write about this past Full Moon that occurred on Saturday around 3 pm EDT, I found my mind started to drift off. “Why am I feeling so nebulous and unfocused?” I asked myself! Well all I had to do was look at the Full Moon chart below to realize that not only is Retrograding Mercury approaching conjunction to the Sun fueling the feelings of vagueness but also Neptune is opposing Mercury for a good portion of this Retrograde. Guess that’s as good a reason as any that my mind seems to have taken a Carnival cruise and doesn’t appear to be returning for a while. As the Mars/Uranus/Pluto T-square continues to have it’s affect in our lives, perhaps stirring up things in one area of your life, the fact that Neptune is so prominent in this Mercury Retrograde leads me to believe that one should recognize that not all is what it seems at the moment. We’ll know more once Mercury goes direct on the 26th, and then continues back to where it finally began it’s journey backwards on September 9th, at 1 degree of Virgo. By the way, if your’e a Leo between degrees of 18-30 (approximately August 10th through August 23rd) you’re most likely not feeling quite yourself lately (at least that’s what my Leo friends with those degrees have been telling me quite vocally)!.

So on the theme of Leo the Fire sign going on a cruise, I present the “Fire Cosmic Cruise” Full Moon Mix Tape! If you think the title of that was crazy, just be grateful I didn’t add any Lion/Leo references in the music! I was going to throw in a “White Lion” song, but then judiciously decided against it. However instead I’ll throw in this antiquated video of “Wait” for those of you who also would like to reminisce about the the gloriously bad music of the 80’s (with apparently Danish origin)! Don’t say I don’t have a sense of humor!


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