Springing into the Equinox and New Growth: March N...

Springing into the Equinox and New Growth: March New and Full Moon Analysis!

I’ve been meaning to write about this month’s Astrology since I got back from my yoga retreat at the start of March. However, I have to tell you, I’ve been in kind of a daze for the past couple of weeks! At first I thought that it was just getting back from such a warm and beautiful place, and going from being completely relaxed and at peace with my surroundings, to the daily grind of being productive, and trying to accomplish, yet not feeling motivated at all, everything on my To-Do List. Instead of accomplishing things, or even blogging, I’ve been wandering through the days like I’m in a dream. Yet I realized the other day, that this is not the “productive” time of year astrologically speaking, it is the “Dreamtime” so to speak.

The Pisces “Dreamtime” “Tune out to Tune in” energy we’ve been experiencing is the opposite of the Virgo “Back to School” energy that’s present in September. Pisces energy has a lot to do with synthesizing the past, and re-envisioning the future, and seeing life in terms of the big picture rather than the minutia that Virgo is so famous for being able to handle! It’s a quiet, introspective energy that has more to do with dissolving boundaries so that new growth can occur when we start both the astrological, and the seasonal (in the Northern hemisphere) cycle again with the upcoming Spring Equinox!

This past month not only has the Sun been in Pisces but at the Pisces New Moon on March 4th (see chart below) we had a total of 5 planets in Pisces! This is a tremendous amount of Piscean energy that we’ve just experienced, especially as the major planet Uranus, has now moved, as of March 11th into Aries, starting again it’s 84 year cycle again.

If we look at the full moon chart (see above), which will occur today at 7:24 PM EDT, we can see that we still have the Sun and Mars in Pisces but that Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury have launched forwards into territories of New Growth! It feels to me like we are on a precipice, about ready to launch ourselves into a speedy time of New Challenges/Growth and Adventures (things Aries love!).

The official Spring (Vernal) Equinox will take place on March 20th at 5:21 EDT. Although Mars will still have to catch up and enter Aries in April, and we will have a Mercury in Aries retrograde slowdown in April as well, it will still feel like we’ve all turned a corner soon.

I literally turned something dramatically lately. Being a Taurus I love plants, and have nurtured an avocado tree in my apartment that was originally started from seed. It reached the ceiling years ago and I have to keep pruning it, as it keeps wanting to grow higher. I had tethered it to bookcase in early growth to make sure it wouldn’t fall over and would grow straight. Again, years ago I took off the attachment, but one thing I did not do, was turn the tree. Consequentially, it is now terribly one-sided in it’s leaves, all heliotroping towards the sun.

I finally realized last weekend I needed to turn it 180 degrees so that it can develop leaves and branches on the other side. Although seemingly banal, I thought of this as rather symbolic of how to achieve new growth in our personal lives as well. If one looks at something from the opposite perspective, or takes to developing/learning something they haven’t done before, we like the avocado tree will become more balanced and full in the process. So symbolic of the upcoming Equinox–let’s take the other side into account as we Spring forwards in areas of our lives! Let’s do something different and learn something new! Already I can see tiny buds on the side of my tree where the sun is hitting. Eventually these will become full branches, completing a whole other side (maybe even in time for the next equinox)!


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