What’s a Girl to Do During a Mercury Retrogr...

What’s a Girl to Do During a Mercury Retrograde?

Now, most of you are not stuck during this Mercury Retrograde in say, for instance, Morocco, due to the explosion of an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano. However, I do have a friend who is currently in this situation, or at least I assume she is as she was supposed to get back from her trip mid week and I was supposed to be going to her birthday party this evening. However not having heard from her I assume she’s at the back of the list to fly out of Casablanca.

Not that that’s really a bad place to be stuck. I assume however, that she’s rethinking many things right now. . . Mercury Retrogrades tend to have that affect–making one rethink things, reflect more on what life is about, and perhaps re-do things if one is feeling particularly active. However unless it’s a word that’s got a “re” in front of it, most retrogrades are not especially auspicious for moving forwards (or moving at all) with things. 
So what does this all mean, you might ask? Well it means that retrogrades are the perfect time to reorganize things! Your life, your apartment, your house, your personal day planner, your office space. Anything really! I’ve had tremendous success the past two weekends cleaning out and reorganizing my apartment. It always seems like Mercury Retro energy always helps me “let go” of things that I don’t need and reorganize for a fresh start! 
They’re also a great time to re-lax as well! If my travel plans go smoothly I will be in Florida next weekend relaxing and soaking up the sunshine on the beach. I usually have quite an agenda when I travel, but not this time! It seems the Merc Retro effect on me has been to simply want to do nothing this vacation. Which may in fact be the best thing for me! As this article from Experience Life Magazine about relaxation tells us, taking a break can have a big impact later on with our creativity and future productivity! People are always surprised Mercury goes retrograde approximately three times a year. For some people it seems like it’s always happening, but if you take note of when it’s actually Retrograde you can relax during this time, and realize that if you have slowdowns in travel plans, it’s more expected than not, because it’s the Universe’s way of saying “slow down–it’s time for a time out!” 
Of note is that my friend in Morocco’s Sun is in Taurus at 6 degrees, which is within the span that Mercury is retrograding from 13 degrees Taurus on April 18th to 3 degrees on May 11th. Those of you with Suns in this degree span of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, may feel this retrograde more than the rest of us, and it may provide you with more challenging examples of how and where you need to “rest up” or “rethink” areas of your life! 
I have a feeling they’ll be more news to report on during the rest of this Retrograde, but in the meantime put your feet up and try and relax. As they say “you’re not going anywhere for the moment.” 


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