Your June Horoscope!

Your June Horoscope!

Welcome to June! We’ve made it through the Mercury Retrograde of late April and May and we’re more than halfway through the Mars Retrograde of 2016! By now you should have a pretty good idea of what issues you’re dealing with for the Mars Retrograde, however it is important to know that from April 17 through May 27th Mars was Retrograding in the sign of Sagittarius. Early Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarians, and Pisceans would have most likely felt this portion of the retrograde the strongest. From May 28th through June 29th Mars will return back to the sign of late Scorpio, back to 23 degrees, making this more of a reflective and hard to move forward time for late Taureans, Leos, Scorpios, and Aquarians.

For every sign though, on May 22nd, when Mars opposed the Sun, there would have been some kind of epiphany and message about the Retrograde and what lessons it’s trying to impart for you, personally. The same was true for when Mercury was Retrograde and conjoined the Sun on May 10th. We will have another Mercury conjunction with the Sun on July 7th, which should again, provide insight into if the direction you’re heading in your life is right for you!

Overall, June is still a time for review and reflection with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all Retrograde. Also at the start of the month is a sobering Grand Cross involving Retrograde Saturn making challenging oppositions to both Venus and the Sun, while squaring Neptune and Jupiter who are also at odds. This should be a time to really investigage how one puts on rose colored glasses in a particular situation in your life. Sometimes this is helpful, but in the long run, for change and growth to occur, sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade, and not try and make a situation seem nicer than it is. If you can let go of delusions, you’ll move faster and father ahead than you imagined you could come July!



Aries Sun signs might find more joy and fun in June than other astrological signs, as while you still have Uranus traveling through your sign, shaking things up when you least expect it, the planets in Gemini and Sagittarius that will cause others angst may just provide you fuel for your latest personal transformation! Yes, you are transforming yourself, Aries, sometimes quite suddenly on a personal level, but also quite deliberately and strategically in your career as Pluto is still slowly transforming your house of professional status. Mars, your ruling planet, is still Retrograde, and has been since April 17th, however, all this introspection for an Aries can be a good thing, for once you’ve finished really looking inside and getting to know yourself, you can then move forward with the clarity, speed, and forthrightness for which people know you!

So, if you’ve been not your usual get-up-and-go self for the past two months, don’t fret! Resting is just as important as action, and scientists and researchers are in fact discovering this! We will in a work obsessed society that usually goes 24/7 these days and it can make it very hard to unplug, or even take a vacation, however it’s so important to really let go of the outside world and focus on the inside, and Mars Retrogrades really give us the best time for us to do this! Now is the time for you to book that spa appointment, or go on a meditation or yoga retreat, or just take some time for yourself that you normal would not. You’ll find that if you do, once Mars goes Direct, you’ll feel more vitalized than you had been before the Retrograde. It will be like sleeping in on a good vacation and coming back from vacation all refreshed and ready for your new tasks, or in this case, your new Mars Retrograde Cycle! Researchers now think, in fact, that people who take vacations actually end up more productive than those who do not, so if you haven’t had a chance to really detox yet, there’s still time to book a Summer getaway this month! A bonus will be that Mercury is no longer Retrograde, as it was in May, so you would be less likely to encounter travel delays that you might have last month.

The Mars Retrograde will continue to give you pause, especially in all areas of shared resources, including money and sex, as Mars returns to the sign of Scorpio, which rules your 8th House of Sex & Shared Resources. You may have an old flame come back to haunt you, either figuratively, or literally, and what you decide to do, or don’t do, with them will be up to you! Oftentimes Retrogrades bring up aspects of the past that either need to be revisted to complete them, or to realize that while you “thought” you’d left them behind, you actually never really made up your mind about him her, and that indecision can cost you peace of mind and ability to really start anew with someone else. So either you’ll realize there’s something there that you want to commit to, or you’ll be able to see what went wrong in the first place and be able to more easily let go, and move on in style and directness, as Aries do, when July arrives next month! The Retrograde period from April 17th to May 28th in Sagittarius may have had you rethinking your education, or thinking about taking a trip overseas! Perhaps you want to go back to school, or are even already back in school, but need to rethink your plan, or make sure that you take advantage of a certain educational benefit before you graduate. Or you may realize that your passport doesn’t have enough stamps in it and you really need to get out and see the world! It wouldn’t be a bad idea in fact, to consider taking a trip somewhere far away later this Summer when Mars goes back through the sign of Sagittarius after it turns Direct at the start of July. Think about all your options dear Aries as this Retrograde should really show you how much opportunity you have, and how, in so many ways, the world is your oyster!



You may have felt, with all the changes, that this Mars and the Mercury Retrograde in May have brought you Taurus, that you’d like to go to Capri and never come back again. I know it’s been challenging, and June may also prove to be challenging in its way, but come July all your efforts will start to take effect and slowly you’ll realize that all the changes that you’ve made, and all the letting go you’ve done, will allow you to move forward into a life that’s so much closer to the life that you’ve always wanted to live!

May was particularly challenging to Taureans as Mercury was Retrograde in your sign, and moved from 24 degrees back down to 14 degrees. This affected almost all Taureans, except early ones, and brought home how you may have needed to focus on yourself and reinventing yourself. You may have felt as if you were slogging to move forward in certain areas only to feel your progress completely blocked, or week long delays inevitable. Such is life when Mercury is Retrograde. But now as of June 8th Mercruy will be back to where it was before it went Retrograde in late April, and soon you’ll at least begin to feel more like yourself.

Mars, however, will present you with another challenge, as starting from May 28th Mars moved from being Retrograde in Sagittarius to being Retrograde in your sign of partnership, Scorpio, which rules your 7th House. While May may have been a time for you to consider how you relate to yourself, June will be a time for you to consider how you relate to others, and perhaps what changes, if any, you may need to make, in order to feel like your partnerships (and that includes business relationships) are at their best! In addition, check and read the horoscope for your Rising Sign, as wherever Scorpio is located in your chart, you will have major changes to reconsider. If you are a late Taurus, and Mars will transit exactly opposite your sign, which may be a bit stressful, and force you to either to confront something that you might not have wanted to, or make your feel as though you are literally “blocked” in a certain area of your life. The important thing to remember is that the outer reflects the inner, so if you are feeling blocked, the best way to deal with this is to go inside, especially when Retrogrades are involved, and work out whatever is upsetting you on the inside. Most likely, this will help speed the way for whatever you think is blocking you outside, to move out of the way, especially once Mars goes direct in July!

You will already have gotten quite an idea of the areas that you may need to rethink and revise, for the Mars “shadow” before the Retrograde began back on February 17th. So think back to that time, and you might see some issues coming up in June from February and March that now need your full attention to make a revision to your “action plan” for indeed Mars is all about action, yet if you don’t know what you’re doing, or what you want to accomplish, you can rarely decide the best route to go to acheive your goals. Take any time you need this month, vs later, to really focus in on finding your plan of action vs someone else’s. The Retrograde may come through as a partner or business associate not being fully onboard with what you’d like to accomplish, and you may need to work through negotiations in this area. Whatever needs retinking, take the time to rethink and reflect! Sometimes, it’s for the best that one not finalize one’s plans or move forward fully until Mars goes Direct. I don’t bake a lot, but I do like the analogy that Retrogrades can be like souffles, if you take them out of the oven too soon before they’re done, they’ll deflate. So it is with ideas percolating inside oneself during a Retrograde; it’s better if you continue to let things bake until the planet goes direct again and then your souffle will come out of the oven nice and fluffy! You’ll feel ready for moving forward then in July once this long retrograde ends and Mars gets back in the drivers seat!



Gemini’s just finished a Mercury Retrograde month in May, one which occured in their 12th house of Spirituality and Personal Growth! Gemini’s might not have been their usual talkative self during this time, and might have decided to take time for themselves, or even, heaven forbid to a Gemini, go on a silent retreat!

This personal introspection was much needed to give you clarity of mind dear Gemini, as in June Mercury will run through your sign, starting June 13th through the 29th. You will also have a very special month in June as the Sun will conjunct Venus in your sign on June 7th! It’s possible, especially if you have planets in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, that there may be a lot going on for you, as this month starts with a Sun/Venus opposition Saturn, Square Jupiter opposing Neptune! While you’re going to get the love of Venus, you may encounter opposition from others, especially more traditional and structured people in your life. You could also either want to do things to excess with Sun/Venus square Jupiter, or even go the other way and want to do a detox, clear the clutter, and meditate more with your Sun and Venus square Neptune. You could decide to do both and go to a posh yoga retreat where you pamper yourself to excess, or try the staycation version of this!

Either way, I think it’s a good thing for you as Mars for the remainder of its Retrograde will be in the sign of Scorpio, your sign of work, health and daily routine. This means that most likely, you’ve been feeling burnt out at work and perhaps are even encountering some health issues that you need to take care of. Mars says now is the time to take a break, rest and recouperate! Perhaps you are re-thinking your job, or even were potentially forced to reconsider your line of work, as you might have been laid off in the “shadow” phase of Mars from earlier this year. Know that whatever is happening now, Mars is asking you to clean out the old so that you can start a new Mars cycle in July with a fresh slate!

The New Moon is on June 4th which will be a special day for you to really start afresh! So go for that juice cleanse, or detox, a late Spring or early Summer clean-up in your house, or organize your work and personal office space! If you’re in good health already, it’s time to start a new exercise routine and get back into shape! The weather is great now, so start jogging, swimming, or taking an outdoor yoga class! Your body will thank you for being mindful of its needs, and respecting it. The Full Moon on the 20th in your house of partnership, Sagittarius, will bring some sort of fulfillment in either a personal or business relationship! Enjoy MidSummer’s Eve to it’s fullest, and look forward to Mars going direct in July and having a great Summer ahead!



Cancers have had what may have been a challenging April and May with Mars being Retrograde in Sagittarius in your 6th house of Fitness, Health, and Work. You may have had a sudden job change, or dealth with a job loss during this time or even earlier this year during the Mars retrograde “shadow” phase. Perhaps you’ve dealt with some health issues as well. Either way, Mars now moves back in Scorpio for the remainder of its Retrograde in June, meaning back into your house of Lovers, Children, and Speculation. If you suddenly have an old flame knocking on your door, or more likely contacting you on Facebook, you may need to reconsider why this person is re-entering your life right now. Did you never really get over this person? Are they someone you’d like to get to know better or work out whatever issues you had in the past, or is it better for you to fully let go of the past and move on to greener pastures?

Only you know, dear Cancer. But if someone does show up, or you are deciding whether or not have a child, think everything through very carefully, perhaps not even making a decision until Mars goes Direct. The general rule is that if something comes back to you from the past during a Retrograde it’s come back for a reason, but you may not know the whole story until Mars goes Direct. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t pursue the past while Mars is Retrograde, it’s more that if you decide you want to fully move foward with something from the past, it’s best to wait until Mars is Direct to really be sure!

Mars will be Direct in July, and you will have Mercury, and Venus in your sign then, which will give you lots of support for whatever plans you decide to start then! June however, will still be a very reflective month, with all the planets in Gemini, which is in your 12th house of Spirituality & Letting Go. You may spend a lot of June by yourself, perhaps near water, a lake or a river, or beach that you love so much, really taking in what has happened for you in 2016 so far, and contemplating what you might need to let go of to lighten your load, so that you can move forward with ease.

The start of the month may indeed bring challenges regarding balancing your work, health, and need for personal growth, higher education, and how you communicate with people. There will be a Sun/Venus conjunction on the 7th, which should bring you gifts in the area of Personal Growth, but you may have challenges before then with the Sun oppositing Saturn and, both those planets square Jupiter opposition Neptune. Big changes and therefore the need for big Personal Change may be afoot, so if need be, keep your meditation time in the schedule and make sure you enjoy some time to yourself! July will be more in your element with 5 planets in water and you will enjoy a wonderful birthday month!



Leos had a busy May, with so many planets in Taurus, in your 10th house of Career & Reputation, you may have had new business prospects arrive! It’s possible though that you might have needed to rethink a few things regarding your career as Mercury was also Retrograde in Taurus as well. Never mind, with Mercury back in action in June, those issues should be worked out this month!

Now that we have so many planets in Gemini this June, you may spend most of the month socializing and getting together with friends and associates, as Gemini rules your 11th house. The Grand Cross at the start of the month that involves the Sun/Venus opposing Saturn, Square and Jupiter opposition Neptune, will not bring as much drama to you dear Leo as it will other signs, as you will be in harmonious aspect to both Saturn, as well as the Sun and Venus. Mars however will continue its Retrograde motion back into Scorpio, and if you are a late Leo, this may cause some kind of tension for you in your 4th house of Home and Family Life. Perhaps you are selling or changing residences, or buying a new place, or renovating or remodeling some aspect of your home this month. If so, you may encounter a few delays that you would not have expected otherwise. Not to worry though, when Mars goes direct in July these issues will work themselves out and you will be able to wrap up whatever might have been troubling you this month.

The good news is that Mars has finished its Retrograde motion in Sagittarius through your 5th house of Romance, Passionate Love, and Children. In May you may have been on the fence about a Lover or whether or not have a child, and really been rethinking all aspects of your love life. Now that Mars has moved back into your 4th house you will be thinking more about your home, perhaps tying together how you may want your home to be a part of your romantic relationships or relationship to your children. Whatever conclusions you have drawn, you will be able to move forward on both months come July.

Take some time in late June and early July though to really get away from it all as the Sun and Venus will be in Cancer, the sign that represents your 12th house of Spirituality and Solitude. You may want to get some time away from the adoring crowds to really center yourself. Summer is a great time to get outdoors, and so there should be plenty of opportunity for taking meditation breaks and visioning what you want to achieve in your upcoming birthday year!



May might have brought you a lot of news about changes to your home, dear Virgo, as Mars was Retrograding through Sagittarius since April 17th in your 4th house of Home and Family Life. Perhaps you will be relocating for a period of time to a different place; Mercury was Retrograde in May in Taurus in your 9th house of Education & Overseas Travel! It’s possible you got a new assignment or got into a program that requires you to relocate for a period of time and you’ll need to make adjustments in where you’re going to live and how you base yourself. Saturn is also currently transiting through your 4th House of Home & Family, so these changes may make be challenging for you.

Since you are a Mutable sign, and there will be a Mutable Grand Cross at the start of June, you may feel particularly stressed then. Perhaps you need to make some key decisions regarding your home, or relating to your Career and Work as your 10th house will be activated with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini this month, as well as a New Moon, on June 4th that should start a new chapter in terms of your Career. You should have the help of the benevolent planet of Jupiter, which is transiting through your sign, so whatever changes or challenges you need to make, you should have some form of help to get you through. Just take it one step at a time.

The Mars Retrograde will continue, however should be easier for you, as it will transit through your 3rd house of Communications, Siblings, & Short Trips while in Scorpio. Perhaps you have an issue with a brother or sister that needs your attention this month, or you may need to rewrite an important paper or business proposal you need to turn in soon. Whatever it is, once Mars turns Direct in July, both the issues that Mars brought to the surface that deal with your 3rd house of Communication as well as your 4th house of Home & Family will start to be resolved and you will feel less stymied and like you are starting a new chapter in these areas of your life!

Towards the end of June and until the middle of July there will be a group of planets in Cancer, your social sign for the 11th House of Friends & Groups. While Virgos are not normally known to being party-all-the-time people, you will enjoy being a social butterfly and catching up with friends at BBQs and Pool Parties, as the tension from the Grand Cross subsides and you can let go, relax, and enjoy a drink or two with friends!



Librans might have been having a challenging time with their partners, both business and personal relationships during this Mars Retrograde, as Mars rules Libra’s partnership sign of Aries. Perhaps one of your loved one, co-worker or associate has been difficult or feeling out of sorts since April 17th. If so, do not worry, this is a temporary situation as in July, Mars will resume forward direction and the perpetual cloud hanging over your partners head will lift away to slowly be replaced by their usual if not always, at least sometimes sunny self!

Librans also might have been rethinking their own life in regards to their communication style and perhaps their siblings, as in April and May, Mars was Retrograding in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules your 3rd House of Communication, Siblings, and Short Trips. Perhaps a situation with a brother or sister has been troubling you, and you’ve had to try and detach yourself from the situation. That is a good plan, as one can only help someone so much and if a person does not want assistance, they will never accept it.

Now, however, Mars moves back into Scorpio for the remainder of the retrograde in June, and this will highlight reflection on your financial situation and how you are making and spending your money as Scorpio rules your 2nd House of Finances and Possessions. This may be a continuation of a theme for you, for in May, Mercury was Retrograde in Taurus, and that rules your 8th House of Shared Money, Inheritance, and Sex. You may have had to work out and re-think financial sharing with your significant other. Budgeting for two is different than budgeting for one, as is the need for greater communication, thought, and discipline regarding such matters.

Now, you’ll simply be re-thinking money and possessions in general, perhaps refraining from spending as much as you normally would, while you re-think what is most important to you in terms of your values. Money represents value, however, it’s important not to tie ones self worth to a number. It’s also important to realize that spending money is definitely a habit, and one that can be changed, should you either need to or choose to. Everyone always talks about how much money one can save not buying that expensive latte, but the truth is that if so many people weren’t buying expensive lattes, there wouldn’t be dozens of coffee franchises that are currently in existence. Not that lattes are a bad thing, they are wonderful, but you can make your own that’s almost as good with a milk frother at home or at the office!

The Grand Cross of early June will be very kind to you Libra as the Sun and Venus in Gemini will be at a harmonious aspect for you. Overall June should be a relaxing month, one in which unplugging yourself from the consumerist culture that we live in, would be a worthwhile way to spend the time, and allow you to return with renewed value for yourself come July!



Scorpios may have been having a very challenging time with this particular Mars Retrograde, as Mars is spending almost half it’s time in your sign. And while April 17th through May 28th may have been challenging as Mars was Retrograding in Sagittarius, the sign ruling your 2nd House of Finances & Possessions, now in June Mars is back in your sign, especially affecting late Scorpios directly.

When Mars is retrograde the natural forward motion that Mars helps give projects is turned inward, so that reflective pursuits, such as meditation, relaxation, restoration are encouraged, vs physical activities in the outside world. This is a great time to go on vacation and relax and restore yourself Scorpio, and if you can get away, even just for a weekend to a meditaiton retreat, or make your own restorative vacation, this would be time well spent!

It is especialy important to not to push yourself physically, as Mars rules the sign of Aries, which rules your 6th House of Health, Fitness, & Work. Perhaps you’ve been burning the midnight oil at work earlier this year, or you’ve encountered a health issue that needs attention. Now is the time, dear Scorpio, to reflect on your health and how you’re doing fitness-wise. Are you making time to go to the gym? Are you making sure to have a good work/life balance? If not, some reflection in these areas is encouraged. As they say, if you don’t take your health seriously, no one else is going to do it! Same for work/life balance. Your employer might seem like they have an interest in your working yourself more than is prudent, however, let’s remember that people who take all their vacation time, actually end up more productive, happier, and not having burnout, which is all too common in our technology/work heavy society!

June should also clear up issues you may have had in May regarding personal and business partnerships. Mercury was Retrograde for the first three weeks of May in your 7th House of Partnerships & Relationships. You may have discovered or uncovered some information that you had not known previously, which caused a complete rethinking, and perhaps ending, of the relationship, whether personal or business related. Mercury Retrogrades often bring out information that we did not know before, and after the planet goes Direct we can start afresh with the new knowledge that we have uncovered. Luckily in June you will be able to move forward knowing what you should regarding your partnerships. I never advise anyone to start a new relationship, buisness or otherwise, during a Mars Retrograde, so I would hold off to start online dating again or getting back out into the social scene if you’re single until at least July. You’ll find yourself more centered and ready to connect with people then anyhow. Also, in late June and early July the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be in Cancer, which rules your 9th House of Overseas Travel & Education, which may put you in the mood for a Summer trip! If so, start planning now where you’d like to go!



Sagittarians may have had a challenging April and May with Mars travelling backwards through their sign starting on April 17th, until May 28th. It would be unsurprising that Saggies would not be feeling more serious about everything, given that Saturn is currently transiting through your sign. Saturn isn’t called the Taskmaster planet for nothing! If there’s an area of your life that might need more hard work, discipline, and attention that you haven’t been giving it, Saturn will be happy to tell you exactly what this area is and exactly how much time you’re going to have to spend dealing with it. Which is usually a lot, if you haven’t been paying attention. If you have been paying attention, Saturn rolling through your sign will bring you rewards for all your hard work, although you still probably won’t feel like going out and partying every night.

You especially may not feel like partying the first week of June, as with the Grand Cross in mutable signs, meaning Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius (you), and Pisces, and tension from the square of Jupiter and Neptune, with the Opposition of the Sun/Venus, you may feel like you’re the one who has to hold down the fort, while others are doing their own thing. The grass is always greener though, and everyone has their own challenges, so try not to fixate too much on other signs that seem like they’re having it easier. Right now, what’s important for you is to focus on yourself, especially since Mars will be Retrograde in your 12th House of Spiritual Retreat & Solitude, while it moves backwards through the sign of Scorpio all month.

Now is the time, dear Sag, to rethink your connection to the universe and how your life is going in a global manner. What do you want to achieve with your life, and what do you need to do to get there? Mercury was Retrograde in May in your 6th House of Fitness, Health, & Work so you may have had some snafus in this area last month, that will start working themselve out in June. It’s important not to lose sight of your Health as you move forward to focusing on partnerships, as June will have plenty of Gemini energy, which rules your 7th House of Partnerships. June 4th will have a New Moon in this area, followed by a Full Moon in very late Sagittarius on June 20th, almost exactly MidSummer’s Eve! You will surely have some sort of epiphany during this time, regarding how you relate to people and form partnerships. Venus will be closeby, so this should be a happy time, so go celebrate the official start of Summer with your signicant other! The Mars Retrograde will end at the close of June, and you will be able to start a new Mars cycle feeling refreshed and centered!



Cappys may have felt for the past two months like they’ve needed to center themselves and perhaps even go a yoga retreat, meditation studio, or at the very least a spa! Mars has been Retrograde sincd April 17th Capricorn, and until May 28th was Retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, which for you rules your 12th House of Spiritual Retreats & Solitude. Capricorns are not known for being either super spontaneous, or super rambuncious and noisy, but you may have needed even more quite and solitude for the past couple of months, while you re-think what your connection is to the world around you, and how you are personally expressing your spirituality and gratitude to the universe.

You may have been dealing in May with issues related to your 5th House of Romance & Children, when Mercury was Retrograde as well in the sign of Taurus. You may have needed to rethink a romantic relationship or are perhaps contemplating whether you want to have children as a part of your life. Whatever it was that was your focal point, Mercury went Direct on May 22nd and is now retracing its steps in June, so you should begin to have a handle on what conclusions you’ve come to after lots of pondering in May.

Your focal point also may have been your Home, as Mars rules the sign of Aries, which rules your 4th House. It’s possible you’ve been rethinking aspects of your home in general, whether or not you want to renovate, redecorate, or even potentially move to another adobe. Mars will continue it’s Retrograde journey through June, now in the sign of Scorpio, which for you rules your 11th House of Friendships and Groups. You may start contemplating your friends and associates, especially after you spent time in April and May rethinking the meaning of your life and how you relate to the greater universe. You may end up letting go of friends who no longer are on the same path as yourself. Do not worry if this is the case, as you will be able to find new friends who are more in tune with your current path, once Mars goes Direct in July!

June also brings a new start for you dear Capricorn, in your 6th House of Fitness & Work as there is a New Moon in Gemini on June 4th. Think about starting up your fitness routine or engaging in a new work prospect. While you may have some challenges at work or with your health as the Grand Cross of early June will especially emphasize your 6th House, if one is focused Grand Crosses do bring a lot of energy and potential for growth!

Late June and July has a special emphasis on relationships for Capricorn, with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer, activating your 7th House of Partnerships & Relationships. Now is the time to spend some special time with your Sweetie, although I would always advise starting a new relationship once Mars is Direct, which would be in July.



Aquarians may have felt the effects of the Mars Retrograde in April and May in their 11th House of Friends & Associates, as that is ruled by the sign Sagittarius. Perhaps you realized that a certain group wasn’t for you, or you had more issues with it than you previously thought. If this is the case, do not fret, dear Aquarius, as often when one is growing as an individual one’s social group will change, and once Mars is Direct, I predict you will find a better milleau for you to associate and mix and mingle.

However, your main concern for June will not be your 11th House of Friends and Associates, but instead your 10th House of Career & Reputation, as Mars as of May 28th will be sliding back into the sign of Scorpio for the remainder of the retrograde. This means that while you might have gotten a taste at the start of 2016, sometime in February and March that you would be re-thinking your career and the work that you want to be known to the world for, you will now officially be in the thick of thinking about either changing your career or finding a way to re-envision it to become what it is you really want to do with your life!

it’s important to make the distinction between the 10th House of Career vs the 6th House of Work. Work can either be just a jobby-job to pay the bills, which would fall under the 6th House, or it can be your Career, and you can feel it is your calling, your destiny almost, and how you want the world to see you and remember you and what you’ve acheived. This is the true nature of the 10th House of Career. Obviously, it takes deciation and passion to find something that you want to call a Career, and if you feel you have not found it yet, now is the time to really reflect, meditate, and journal about what you want to do and accomplish with your life. Think BIG and think deeply, for retrograde, especially Mars Retrogrades, do not come around that often. Only every two years in fact.

While some may find that Retrogrades, especially Mars Retrogrades, can hamper progress forward, they also offer and incredible opportunity to revise, rechare, and revitalize one’s life! Wherever House the planet is Retrograding through is being given a big opportunity for change, and that can mean change for the better! Every two years Mars goes Retrograde in a different sign, so you can see that NOW is the opportunity dear Aquarius for you to really think about how you’d like to change your Career and consequentially your work and job.

You don’t have to take action yet, and in fact, it would be wise to wait until Mars is Direct, which will be July, to embark on any of the plans that you make now. But the key is to really use the reflective energy now to discover things that would otherwise be undiscoverable. If you are looking for change, and ease with change, retrogrades are actually your friends, not your foes.

Also, while the mutable signs may have their challenges at the start of June with the Grand Cross, you as an Air sign will have the support of the Sun and Venus for whatever comes up then and should prove beneficial for you, even if not immediately apparent. May might have brought about thoughts of change or reflection in your 4th House of Home & Family as Mercury was Retrograde in Taurus, and now in June you might begin the process of working out what you discovered last month. Overall, you’ve really been examining your Home and also your Career, the Inner vs the Outer, and coming to terms with the changes that you’ve made, will make, or want to make in the future.

You may also be rethinking your Creative side, as you will have a New Moon on June 4th in your 5th House of Romance & Children. Even if you don’t have children and don’t want them, you still have creative elements to yourself, and if you give yourself permission to explore those elements this month, you may discover pieces that will help you make decisions in regards to your 4th House of Home and your 10th House of Career. July will prove to be a month more focused on Work than you might like, with 3 planets in Cancer, which rules your 6th House, so if you can determine how to combine elements of the 10th House with the 6th House, you will be ahead of the game come July.



Pisceans have been having their ruling planet of Neptune transit through their sign for many years now. This may mean that you’ve been feeling more in your element dear Pisces, able to swim through life seeing the spiritual aspect of daily living. Like everyone though, you have been affected by the Mars Retrograde, which began on April 17th in Sagittarius, which rules your 10th House of Career & Fame! Some of you may have been re-thinking whether or not you are in the right job for you at the moment, and whether or not you might need to change course, even if ever so slightly, to do what it is you’d really like to do. Pisceans are very adept at changing courses as you are a mutable sign, however all Retrogrades may put you in very reflective state where you may have to sit and meditate on the issues you’re currently facing in order to find the right solution.

Now that Mars is moving backwards into the sign of Scorpio, which rules your 9th House of Long Distance Travel & Higher Education, you may be thinking about how you haven’t travelled as much as you would like. Or perhaps you realize that you need to go back to school to get another certification, which in turn will help with your Career. Either way, you’ll benefit this June from more meditation and contemplation than bold brazen action. Wait until July or even August to really push forward with any ideas or plans you come up with now! If you’re planning on going back to school, perhaps your class won’t start until the Fall anyhow, but you’ll need to know what you want to take and register this Summer.

Saturn is also currently transiting through your 10th House of Career & Fame, so you may feel as though your work is taking up a lot more time than usual, or it’s more stressful than it normally is. You may feel the need to commit to a long range vision, and consequentially, this Mars Retrograde is even more important for you to make sure you’re committing to the right track in your career!

Another reason for more meditation in your life would be that there will be a Grand Cross in your Mutable element at the start of June. This may affect your home life, career, or relationships, but because the Sun and Venus will be in the sign of Gemini, which rules your 4th House of Home & Family, I see a new start here. Perhaps you are thinking of moving, or redecorating, or re-invigorating your abode, but will find challenges regarding your Career and your current parternships to your plan. Remember that Grand Crosses can provide lots of energy and movement, so perhaps there are certain changes that need to happen that you can truly benefit from! Change can be a good thing, more than we often think it will be! Embrace it this month!


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