What Happens In Mercury Retrograde Stays in Mercur...

What Happens In Mercury Retrograde Stays in Mercury Retrograde!

I’m beginning to think of Mercury Retrograde as some kind of Cosmic Las Vegas where crazy things seem on the level at the time and then in the post hangover recovery on the plane back to your city (aka Mercury Direct) you realize that you left things there that are better off staying there. . . that is until the next time you visit.

So with this application to the Economic Downturn that has been the talk of the talk shows, the towns, the nation, the election and practically everyone on the globe, it should be noted that the dramatic meltdown and drops began whilst Mercury was Retrograde, aka the Las Vegas of the Zodiac. And since everyone has been talking about Parallels to the Great Depression, I just had to investigate whether there is any astrological similarity between the planets now and back in 1929 when the stock market permanently plunged for decades.

The first strange “coincidence” is that the degrees of Mercury retrograde in Libra were almost exactly the same for both Mercury retrogrades that occured in September and October of 1929 and this year of 2008. But interestingly enough, the 1929 Stock Market crash occurred AFTER the Mercury retrograde during those degrees, on the dates of October 24, 28, 29th, all of which were when Mercury had gone direct.

By comparison this Fall, most all of the heavy losses occured DURING the Mercury Retro Las Vegas selling spree where people sold, sold, sold, and no one bought, bought, bought. While the stock market has gone up and down since the 15th, overall it’s the upward trend has been going on since Mercury went Direct, instead of the downward tanking during it’s three week retrograde.

This seems similar to the last time the market had a correciton, in 1987, the Black Monday of October 19th. This correction also happened during a Mercury Retrograde. While it took a couple of years for the market to fully recover, this was not a Great Depression, nor was it an economic recession that lasted for decades. I think the market today will take a few years to fully recover, but it does seem as though, was happens in Mercury Retrograde Stays in Las Vegas.


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