Astromuse Reports from the Polls in Brooklyn!

Astromuse Reports from the Polls in Brooklyn!

Today is very interesting day astrologically for an election, especially a Presidential election, for the United States of America. I happen to be very fortunate in having the day off today, so I popped out of bed after sleeping in a bit, and walked my two blocks to my polling station only to find that there was the longest line I have ever seen in my some 17 voting years! And I’ve been voting at this polling station for 7 of those. Every other time I’ve gone to vote, I’ve waltzed on in and waited maybe max 5 minutes to vote, mostly less as I always remember my Election District (which you can look up online if need be!). The line snaked so far that as I do have the day off I decided to walk the two blocks back to my apartment and maybe get some breakfast and coffee before I head back out again in case I have to wait an hour or so to cast my ballot! But I have never not voted in an election therefore I will wait if necessary.

And while waiting I will think not only about how the inadequate polling accomodations (that granted have been adequate so far in the past because most voters were apathetic and didn’t bother to cast a ballot) may make it so that some people who had obligations they could not avoid will not have their vote heard today. But I will also think about the major astrological configuration affecting the day, which is a Saturn Opposition to Uranus. This aspect can be summarized as Tradition vs. Change. And we can see that in our candidates, but what’s key to understanding polarities is that the resolution between the two planets cannot be accomplished by either one or the other of the planetary influences but instead by trying to come to terms with both.

Some astrologers have tried to predict whom will win this election with the astrological forces of the day. I am not one to say whom will win, as I don’t think of astrology as something akin to fate or something that is unchanged. What I will say, is that interestingly the moon is mimicking the polarity between Saturn and Uranus with the main portion of the day having the Moon is in Capricorn, a more tradition oriented planet ruled by Saturn and then at 4:01 pm PST/7:01 EST the Moon switches to Aquarius, the planet that is alligned more with Change and Uranus.

Even though most will say that McCain stands for the Saturn/Capricorn portion of the polarity and Obama for the Uranus/Aquarius portion of the polarity I think the truth lies in the center. That while one might be leaning more one way than the other, whichever candidiate wins will have to deal with melding the two energies. One cannot have change for just the sake of change, that leads to the negative side of Uranus and Aquarius which is anarchy. Just as one cannot stick to tradition just for the sake of tradition if it doesn’t mean learning something new and accomodating and growing with new situations, that leads to stagnation and pedantism which is the negative side of Saturn and Capricorn.

And more proof that whomever wins will have to deal with making change in a stable, grounded fashion that does not lead to anarchy while not doing too little that leads to stagnation, is that this Saturn/Uranus polarity will continue to happen at various degrees through retrogrades and direct motions until 2010. So remember that whether your party wins or not, Change will happen this election. Either we will have an African-American President or the first Woman Vice-President. Both of those are historic changes even if you disagree with the politics of the candidates. And conversely whomever gets into the White House will have loads of Tradition to deal with (not to mention  financial debt) that most likely will not allow Change to happen immediately. The problems of today will not disappear overnight whomever gets into office. But astrologically it does seem that over time and through tradition and working with the political structures that are currently in place, things will change.

Tomorrow we will find out whom will lead the country in this Change in cooperation with Tradition! For the meantime go out and vote!


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