Vintage Venus!

Talking with some friends the other night, the question came up regarding if there’s an upside to this Venus retrograde thing. And I think there is. I have two words for you: Vintage Clothing. If you’re at all into vintage outfits now’s the time to hit the stores and find what at other times might be much harder.

Venus retrograde has a way of bringing back the past when it comes to Venus related matters of love, but also in terms of beauty, clothing, possessions, money and values. I myself have scored some great vintage outfits during a Venus retrograde. Yes, I’ve had to deal with running into my exes during Venus retrograde. And in my case, that’s not the pretty side of this transit. But if you’re up for finding a new gem from the past for your wardrobe you can safely actively pursue the thriftstore and flea markets!

Venus retrograde is also a GREAT time to re-organize and clean out your existing wardrobe, perhpas donating your old clothing that you no longer wear to a worthy charity or the Salvation Army. Especially with the early portion of this retrograde being in Virgo until August 9th, it’s a great time to use your energy to re-organize any part of your home or wardrobe. Re-think your curtain scheme, and whether your couch could use a re-covering. Virgo is a sign known for it’s ability to discriminate and eliminate excess and therefore it’s a great sign for restructing anything.

Take advantage of this time to re-think and re-evaluate your wardrobe, and in the process you may find what to keep and what not to from your past. Are you still the woman who will wear that outfit from 15 years ago? Is it time to turn a new leaf and not wear what you always have? And if you find that great outfit you thought you’d lost, go for it and get it! You can’t go wrong!


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