End of Summer Blues –Virgo New Moon

End of Summer Blues –Virgo New Moon

I woke up this morning, late, as is my custom on the weekends, and walked into my living room, cool with the end of summer dryness, and laid on my couch, listening to the birds chirp in the sunshine outside the open window. Their coos and songs reminded me of the birds I hear when I visit Tulum, Mexico, and I thought how perfect a day like this is, and how I really can’t stand to see Summer go.

I’m terribly resistant this year to the Summer’s turn to Fall. Even my recent trip to Oregon, didn’t satisfy my Summer fun quota. Normally I feel I’ve been burned and baked enough and long to retreat inside. However, due to this year’s unusual events, and sleeping most of my free time in July away through a hazy fog, I feel a bit cheated, and have yet to embrace the Equinox that will be upon us in a week, next Saturday, at 10:49 am EDT. If I could, I would push the Summer until late October, and still be going to the beach until then!

Maybe the weather will cooperate with me, and I can live in blissful denial for at least a couple more weeks. But if the weeks of rain predicted in the forecast are correct, I better get a few new shows to get into (I’m thinking Dexter), pull on the boots, and get out that knitting that I still haven’t finished from last year.

This Virgo New Moon doesn’t have the same punch that the Full Moon on the 29th does that all the astrologers are talking about. There’s a loose Sun/Moon Square Jupiter which might give us a bit of a boost in energy, a Venus Trine Uranus that might allow us to try new things we haven’t before, and a strange Inconjunct between Jupiter and Mars, that might, well, who knows what that might do, but a jolt of something unexpected might throw us off balance this Moon Cycle.

What’s for sure is that the Full Moon with it’s intense T-square with Uranus and Pluto at critical points, will provide a jolt forwards for us, whether we like it or not! The entire Fall will have a little bit of this feeling as the chart for the Equinox will have a loose version of this T-square present, plus a Mars Square Venus, and the Sun Inconjunct Neptune, which speaks to unexpected Spiritual revelations or changes.

For those of you who still have the “End of Summer Blues” as I do, I have a mixtape for you! With all this energy heading our way, though, I expect the Fall will be much more exciting than we think it will be now!


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