Fish Moon and Grand Trine Grand Shmine!

Fish Moon and Grand Trine Grand Shmine!

The Full Moon clocked in at 4:39 am EST this morning, supposedly when the Earth was being bombarded by solar flare storms! It turned out the solar flares weren’t the hard part today. The lunar storms that occurred last night and today (Mars Conjunct Moon Opposing Sun), well, those were something I’d not care to repeat soon. Sometimes Full Moons can involve loss, such as when they are accompanied by an eclipse, and in this case, I’d also add when Mars is Retrograde and conjuncting the Full Moon. This Retrograde in particular because Mars is in Virgo the entire time, seems to be all about clearing out what isn’t working for you in your life. And if that involves people, then so be it. Accept it, move on and know that Spring will come once you’ve left the past behind.

Yes, Mars Retrograde continues its backwards march! And come Monday, Mercury will join the fray! While many astrologers are crowing over the joys of the Grand Trine between Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter/Venus in Taurus, and Mars in Virgo, that is supposed to be coming into full focus this weekend and next week, I am not sure it’s the panacea that many promise. Because, did I mention that Mars is Retrograde and Mercury will soon be as well? While anything coming back from the past might be great news, starting something new right now is really not the best of ideas. I don’t care how many planets form a Grand Trine in the sky! I cannot tell you how many things that I’ve had to do twice this Mars Retrograde because the first time it just didn’t work. That’s one of the stranger effects with retrogrades, that somehow there’s this dual aspect, and in order for anything to work you have to do things multiple times for them to actually work. So I would be suspicious of things that happen the first time around during this period as it’s possible that whatever it is will more likely than not disappear when Mars finally goes direct in April.

I personally think the best possible use of this aspect is more in the visualizing arena than “doing” anything, although I know some astrologers will disagree. By all means do a vision board, or get in touch with someone from the past with whom you’ve been meaning to reconnect, but I wouldn’t start building Rome right now. Wait until late April for the real groundbreaking of anything. . .

While we wait and make our vision boards, here’s a little music for our “Fish Full Moon” today! Listen here if you’re on Spotify.


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