Another one for the Library!

Although this has been a rather tepid Winter, when I would have much preferred one with colder winds and snow storms whipping around, it’s still nice to stay home on the weekends and cozy up with a good book. Of course, anyone who’s been to my apartment knows that I have more than a few books. Last year I went on a big organizing kick and in fact gave away a lot of books, but I still have plenty left! Enough to have me thinking of ways that I could more artfully arrange them. As I’ve mentioned before, retrogrades are good for re-organizing things, and given that this Mars Retrograde we’re in until April 13th travel all through the sign of Virgo, it’s an especially good time for re-organizing or re-decorating!

Which is why I think this “Books Make a Home” by Damian Thompson may have to be on my shopping list. Although I like visiting places without books, a fully modern apartment without any would feel like a hotel room or monastery to me, so I doubt I’ll ever be without several bookcases around, and therefore might as well make the best of what I love!


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