Venus Does the Time Warp Again!

Venus Does the Time Warp Again!

A reader of “Vintage Venus!” commented that she’s renewed old friendships and is now working with old collegues that she never expected to and asked if this can be attributed to Venus retrograde. To which I say “Yes it can!”

Just as when Mercury is retrograde and you tend to meet people you haven’t seen in years (earlier this year during a Mercury retrograde I ran into my first-year roommate on the street with whom I hadn’t been in touch for at least a good half decade), there’s more of a tendency to run into old friends and lovers during a Venus retrograde than not.

It all goes along with the concept that during retrogrades one is supposed to be re-evaluating the past and re-incorporating unresolved aspects of the past into the present. This can cause a kind of “time-warp” phenomena that indeed might have you thinking that you’ve landed at the Rocky Horror Picture Show from a time long gone in your life! Using the Rocky Horror Picture Show analogy, this can be good, “Damnit Janit I love YOU!” or bad “Janet-Brad-Rocky!!!” depending on what comes back for you to reincorporate in your life.

The “time-warp” can bring many things, sort of like a tornado picking up various items from one place, or in this case time, and lifting them to another. During the retrograde itself there’s a period of re-evaluating all the people or things that have “come back” to you. Do you want to continue where you left off? Or is it better to let whatever it was R.I.P?

Through evaluating these questions usually one comes to a conclusion about the past, or at least a greater understanding of one’s values and why one chooses one thing or one person over another. Venus, and love and values, are about choice, what one chooses and why. Life may throw some unexpected blasts from the past to you over the next month but if they do, take some time, or simply sit back with a mojito in a nice outdoor cafe and think about the choices you’ve made in your life. Have they been the right ones? If they have then drink up! If not, drink up and consider that perhaps a “time-warp” courtesy of Venus Retograde is offering you a second chance–it’s just as step to the right . . .


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