Symbol for 2008 and the coming year: Extreme Ironi...

Symbol for 2008 and the coming year: Extreme Ironing!

2008 has arrived! Someone gave me a calendar for 2008 entitled “Extreme Ironing.” At first I found it funny: I mean a bunch of people ironing on mountaintops! Please! And yet meditating on the man in the hardhat so dutifully removing wrinkles from his clothing I couldn’t possible think up a better metaphor for the Capricorn (mountain climbing goat) and Virgo (ironing maiden–no not the band) influences that will be coming up for us in 2008.

So how is this “Extreme Ironing” envisioned by the star? Well, just as in the Fall we had a huge influx of Virgo in our lives, when the Sun was also in Virgo and Saturn moved into Virgo, recently good times Jupiter has moved from fiery Sagittarius to earthy Capricorn, just as the Sun is now in Capricorn. And what might also be coming down the pike this month? Well Pluto just has to join the gang in Capricorn as well. He’ll return for the second half of this year to re-visit and finish off his tour in Sagittarius, however he’s starting his new tour of Capricorn, which will last by the way until 2024, this year 2008!
And with all of this Saturnian discipline of Virgo to organize and get all the wrinkles out and extreme influence of the combined power of Jupiter and Pluto in mountain climbing Capricorn I can’t help but think that this is the year to get down to business in getting our personal life together. Clean out the closets, throw away the junk, streamline our office and personal life, and if need be get our emotional life together as well. Dump those cigarettes which are clogging your air sacs and ultimately may give you an up close and personal view of the afterlife sooner rather than later, and realize that if you don’t use it, you will lose it and that means get your rear end to the gym as often as possible.
However, when it comes to resolutions and action at the moment, I have to say that I’m all for simply letting it slide somewhat . . . at least for a month or so until we get out of this Mars retrograde which ends on January 30th. I personally cannot remember feeling so unmotivated by the fresh start to a New Year. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep in and watch episodes of News Radio and Twin Peaks. Although I will say that I’ve been organizing paperwork whilst watching these older shows (which by the way is a good way to endure the writers strike and take advantage of Mars retrograde: watch dvds of old TV shows which maybe you didn’t have the time for back then).
I would say the Chinese New Year this year of February 7th would be a great time to start any New Year’s Resolutions! Yes, Mercury will be retrograde, but I think that’s far preferable to having Mars retrograde for a resolution as resolution is all about action which is what Mars is all about. Plus they’ll be a Partial solar eclipse which will really allow you to shake things up a bit and get off to a good start! Of course, that’s not to say that if you’ve started your resolutions it’s a bad thing, I’d just also have some sort of “new beginning” in February as well, to help you take advantage of the push of Mars going direct and gaining speed at that time.
Who knows where 2008 will take you this year? Will you take up Extreme Ironing or simply buy Quicken and finally organize your finances or clean out your refrigerator? The choice is yours!


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