BIG TIME– Two Power Players Team Up for New ...

BIG TIME– Two Power Players Team Up for New 13 year cycle!

All the astrologers are talking about it. And I mean ALL of them! What could be so important that’s making the headline news of astrological papers worldwide? Well the conjunction of two very BIG planets Jupiter and Pluto, that’s what!

Now I know some of you may be saying that Pluto is not a BIG planet. That in fact it has been demoted to dwarf planet status. However, I’d like to remind you that the element Plutonium is named so for a reason. While Pluto may be a dwarf planet, Plutonium is even smaller, and is in fact an element that is the main component of nuclear weapons. One of it’s main characteristics, is it’s ability to fission easily. Fission means splitting. And the splitting that Pluto, and plutonium, produces is Big, because it gets down the core of things. Forces us to realize the true nature of things. That things are not always what they seem.

Jupiter is the planet of Big things in general. It’s the largest planet in our solar system, and no one would dare call it a dwarf planet. Consequentially Jupiter presides over areas of expansion, luck, worldly cosmopolitan things. Jupiter likes excess and will not be outdone.

Combine these two every 13 years and you have the start of a new cycle of BIG things! Things that might seem small (Pluto) may become BIG (Jupiter) now. Jupiter is usually a benevolent planet. Hence this may bring big good things into one’s life. Big things that may start out small, or may be the result of things that start at one’s core.

As this conjunction takes place at around 29 degrees Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter itself rules, and that rules voyages, world travel, higher education, law, and lady luck, this combination may bring you around the world, or perhaps the world to you. . .

Who really knows how this conjunction will affect everyone individually. I’d love to know! But that’s the way it is with astrology. It is quite literally all signs and symbols. Exactly how a celestial conjunction will manifest for individuals cannot always be known.

But if you experience a big change in your life soon . . . run with it! The journey will be a BIG one and very well may take you places you never expected! Perhaps even around the world!


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