Saturn Square Pluto: Reflections on 2009 and the s...

Saturn Square Pluto: Reflections on 2009 and the start of 2010!

At my first yoga class of 2010, one of my favourite yoga instructors relayed a story I think quite appropriate for 2009. She was at a yoga class herself just before the New Year and the teacher in the middle of a deep quad stretch said “Just let all the tension from 2009 rip through your quads and release itself! Because I don’t know anyone who didn’t have their guts ripped out and handed to them in 2009!”

And that my friends, just says it all.

What a first week of 2010 it’s been! I feel like a month has gone by already myself! I keep thinking what is creating these perfect storms that seem to be happening for so many? Is it really the combination of both Mars and Mercury retrograde combined with the eclipses? Perhaps it is, and also I realized perhaps it’s the addition of the dreaded triangle of “Saturn Square Pluto” aspects that just began in 2009 on November 15th. This challenging aspect between the God of Tradition & Structure (Saturn) and the God of Gut Wrenching Change (Pluto) will happen again two more times exactly on January 31st, and then finally on August 21st!
These aspects should not be taken lightly. Challenging Saturn Pluto aspects usually indicates a time of general strife around the world (911 happened during the last period of Saturn Opposing Pluto) if it hits any sensitive area in a person’s chart, it can indicate a time where Nothing Goes Right, and you’re in the middle of a situation where forces larger that you are controlling a very important aspect of your life and you have no power over this. I think this in addition to the Mars/Mercury Retrograde we’re in now, where finding Direction and Action is very hard, it will feel to many like they are in a No-Win situation and do not know which way to turn.
I know that I’ve felt this way about an area of my life (and I know others who are also in the same situation feel the same way), and already it’s been a challenging time trying to figure out what to DO. I think this is especially hard because the planets are not helping us find a way out . . . just yet that is! I think much more will change over the rest of January even, what with the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th, Mercury going Direct on the 15th as well, and also now this Saturn Square Pluto at the end of the month on the 31st which will also coincide very closely to a full moon on the 30th!
All of this is just another reason that I’ve scrapped New Year’s Resolutions at the moment! I’m putting them all on hold until the Equinox in March, when the start of a New Zodiac cycle will begin! At that point Mars will be moving direct again and perhaps, hopefully we will gain a bit more clarity on the right direction of what to do and where to go in 2010!
In the meantime, I’ve decided the only way for me to “go with the flow” with all this Retrograde energy is to practice my inversions in yoga! I have been working on getting into headstand from crow and more successfully than I have in the past! It’s been giving me a new perspective on things–and perhaps during this time of change it’s the only perspective to have!


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