Although Lent Isn’t Over Yet, at least Mars ...

Although Lent Isn’t Over Yet, at least Mars Retrograde Is!

Mars finally turned direct this past Wednesday the 10th! It had been moving backwards since the 20th of December of last year. Yes, it’s hard to remember back to December of ’09 so much has happened since then! I almost can’t believe I haven’t blogged since early January, but it’s been quite the roller coaster of a retrograde.

As I’ve said before, things can get re-arranged in retrogrades. It’s like you’re playing musical chairs, and while the planet is moving backwards the music is playing and everyone is wandering around and then suddenly the music stops as the planet is about ready to turn direct and then everyone has to find a chair real quick. Indeed, my big challenge of this Mars Retrograde season was my job, and almost literally a game of musical chairs was played. I ended up with a seat, thank goodness, but unfortunately some of my co-workers did not. And now that the Retrograde is over, I find myself after the musical chairs of corporate restructuring working on an entirely different floor, for and with entirely different people. . .and it all happened in the middle of the Mars Retrograde.
For those of you who have had things be tumultuous but haven’t found the change you need, it may happen yet within this last post retrograde shadow period! As you know, our pre-retrograde shadow started all the way back in the middle of October (yes, that’s right, October! Hard to remember everything back then isn’t it?). So the pre-retrograde should have shadowed issues that happened in the actual retrograde (which is the case for me with the work situation). Now that things are starting to move on the “right track” again, all the insights gleaned from the actual retrograde period can be used moving forwards. So lingering problems or issues from the retrograde will start to slowly be worked out now through May 18th, when we finally get to the degree all the way back in October and can finally start new territory!
Those Mars Retros are doozies aren’t they! They last so much longer than the Mercury of Venus ones, but come around not as often as the others, thank goodness! An astrological curiosity is that the next one will be in January of 2012, which is fasincating since it seems the beginning of 2012 is when the Hadron Collider will have to be shut down for a year. Coincidence? Perhaps astrologically, not at all! In the meantime, perhaps progress on finding the “God Particle” will continue!

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