Light Your Torch and Wave it for the New Moon on S...

Light Your Torch and Wave it for the New Moon on Sunday!

The Duran Duran song is actually “New Moon on Monday” but well close enough! It’s certainly an apt song as coming up this Sunday will be a new moon in the sign of Leo, the king of the fire signs, the Lion! New moons are always start a new 28 day cycle of experience, and they can be divided into the time until the full moon, which is the waxing moon, and the time after the full moon until the next moon, which is the waning moon.

Astrologer say it’s usually best to start new things under a waxing moon, from the new to the full moon. Or at the very least before the last quarter of the moon (meaning avoiding the last week before the new moon). Towards the end of moon cycle, there’s a feeling of things wrapping up, and an introspective quality to this time. I find it’s a great time to look back at the past month and see what’s happened, and finish up loose ends.

The last new moon was on June 14th. Usually new ideas, projects, and relationships begun around then tend to culminate, either growing or not, around around the full moon, which was on July 30th, and then the second half of the moon cycle is spent evaluating the events of the past couple of weeks, with especially introspective time in the last quarter, the week before the next cycle. So if you’re feeling it, spend some time reflecting on the time since June 14th. What has come to pass that you want to keep and what do you want to let go of when this cycle ends?

Many say that the time right before the new moon is great for visioning what you want to bring forth over the next month. I think it’s a great idea! Because it’s in the sign of Leo, coinciding with a very hot month, hold yourself a symbolic “firedance through the night” and maybe next time la luna comes to fullness you’ll find more of what you’ve dreamed coming true!


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