A Virgoian Pursuit of a Clean Shower

As I had mentioned before, Venus was retrograding through the sign of Virgo through the 9th of August. During this time I got inspired to clean my shower. No I don’t mean partially clean, but I mean REALLY clean my shower.

How hard must this be, you may ask? Well, if you’re me and shower your spider mite infested plants often in your shower and spray a shellac type substance on them regularly after their shower to protect them from the mites, your shower would also be covered in a shellac type substance as well!

I finally had enough! And Venus is Virgo, whether retrograde or not is a great time to clean! Virgo’s are known for their ability to create order out of chaos, as well as their usual love of cleanliness (if not in their environs then at least themselves.  I know several Virgos who while they do not love cleaning their house, they are most grateful for the modern convenience of indoor plumbing as showering is one of their favourite things!).

However, I realized that I do not have enough brute force to remove this substance by hand, and so this was going to take something else–a power scrubber was what I needed! And I decided that the small hand held Black and Decker variety would not do! Oh no, I went for the Black and Decker 18 Volt Cordless Power Scrubber, which is the daddy of all scrubbers!

When this item arrived in my office the other day, everyone wondered what the new girl was doing with that humongous power scrubber. The box was almost as tall as I am! I, of course had some explaining to do. Luckily some people just said they didn’t want to know!

And so dear reader, you want to know if the power scrubber worked right? Well it did! And I have to say that my shower is now cleaner than it ever had been! And if I should ever get a house that needs it’s outside walls cleaned, or a car, or even a nice little boat someday, I can also use scrubber for this too, as these really are the uses that it is indended for. However in the meantime, I’m using it for my shower.

You should get one too!


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