The Calm After the Storm

The Calm After the Storm

Well it was some weekend here in Brooklyn! I officially got cabin fever being cooped up in my apartment for only two days. Or maybe I just overdosed on the Weather Channel. Whatever the case, Hurricane Irene came at an interesting time, the two days after Mercury went direct when the planet was essentially virtually motionless (like the nyc subway system), and it was the “dark of the moon” time before the Virgo New Moon arrived yesterday at 11:03 pm EDT. The “dark of the moon” time is usually a strange time anyways, as it often brings a letting go of the past in anticipation of a fresh start with the New Moon.

In this case, the Virgo new moon has a magnificent Grand Trine between the Sun/Moon/Venus all in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn! It’s a wonderful combination of practical, romantic, and transformative energies. The main challenging aspects are the loose Sun/Moon/Venus opposition to Neptune and the Saturn square Mars face-off. The challenging Neptune aspect is giving this normally down to earth, pencil sharpening, back-to-school time of year a very romantic, rose colored glasses, other worldly feel. Also interesting as Mercury rules Virgo, is that Mercury is in a 135 degree sesquiquadrate aspect to both Uranus and Pluto. The sesquiquadrate, although a minor aspect, I’ve noticed is very indicative of a kind of tension and unbalance that leads to some kind of action to release the tension more often than not.

In short, it’s a great time to start a creative endeavor or start a new romance, although if you start a new romance, be sure to take off your rose colored glasses every once in a while, lest you overlook something important.

Given how relaxing and wonderful all these aspects are compared to our stormy Summer, I’ve decided the Virgo New Moon mix tape should be called “The Calm After the Storm.” Here’s to smooth sailing for September!


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