Jupiter goes Direct today–Get Ready to Rumbl...

Jupiter goes Direct today–Get Ready to Rumble!

If you’ve been wondering with all of this Venus Retrograde stuff going on if there isn’t something good that’s going to happen soon astrologically, you don’t have to wait any longer! As of 10:06 pm EDT, the big ball of luck planet Jupiter will cease it’s retrograde motion that it’s been in since the beginning of April and start moving forwards again!

All planets go retrograde at some point except for the Moon and the Sun, and the outer planets go into retrograde motion for longer than the ones closer to the Sun. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, usually goes retrograde for roughly 4 months out of the year. Jupiter is considered to rule the sign Sagittarius, and the areas of luck, knowledge, travel to foregin countries, higher education, and expansive philosophies and worldviews. The sign of Sag is represented by a half man half horse figure who holds a bow and arrow: he aims straight for his target, and usually hits it more often than not due to his straight aim and concentration on what’s down the road! The horse is also a nomadic animal that roams the plains to find greener pastures. And greener pastures they usually find even if they have to ride a long way to get there!

For those of you who are Sagittarians, and may have felt like a little punky over the past 4 months, you’ll now have the spring in your step back! And even if you’re not a Sagittarian or don’t have any planets in Sagittarius, you’ll still have reason to celebrate because Jupiter is now transiting some portion of your chart, and wherever that is, you’ll now feel the red lights that you’ve seen since the begining of April turn to green. The green light will stay on from now until May 2008. And if you’ve got that travel bug, consider taking a break, or planning a trip to someplace mind broadening! For ideas on where to stay, check out my college pal’s cool hotel blog: TheCoolHotels.


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