Re-evaluating the Nest!

I’ve been talking non-stop about how Retrogrades are great for re-organizing and that includes re-decorating! Last year was a big re-decorating and re-arranging the furniture year; most of it was accomplished during the Mercury retrogrades. Above are the fruits of last year, which are a complete improvement over the year before to be sure! But I don’t like to rest on my laurels, so have been thinking about what I’d like to do next with my space.

This time of year, is also traditionally when Feng Shui experts advise that one reorganize one’s space for the favorable and not-so favorable directions. Although I take them with a grain of salt, I’ve seen enough to think that maybe there’s something to this whole Feng Shui good direction thing, and figure what’s a better excuse for cleaning out clutter and re-thinking the best use of one’s space!

Already over the last couple of weeks, I’ve reorganized my desk area, many of the lamps, and simply gotten rid of much clutter. One can always do more though, so I’m looking for inspiration! Any ideas out there?

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