Blue Spring Skies Mixtape!

Spring is really here, rain, sun, and all! We got an early start weather-wise in the NE, but I think many felt held back by Mars Retrograde status, which finally went Direct on April 13th! I’m a tad late on my New Moon Mixtape, partially because it seems so much has been going on since that Friday the 13th! I’m sometimes amazed by how slow life can seem during a retrograde, and then things really do seem to speed up when the planet moves direct.

I for one, am glad Blue Spring Skies are here! We have an optimistic New Moon (April 21, 3:17 am EDT), with a loose Grand Trine with Mars Direct, Trine Pluto, Trine Sun/Moon. I would say the next two weeks are a good time to start a new venture. One might have rose colored glasses on as Mars is in opposition to Neptune, but that could be the “new look” this Summer, so just make sure to keep your feet on the ground while looking up to the sky!

“Blue Spring Skies” mixtape below, or listen on spotify.


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