Eclipse Time!

Heads up! The lunar full moon eclipse will happen at 7:38 am EDT tomorrow morning! You may not be up for it, I know I most likely won’t be up for it either! We won’t be able to view the full eclipse here on the East Coast as by the time it occurs the moon will have set. So no need to set those alarm clocks early and get up unless you’re the early bird type or want to get a jog in before watching the Uruguay vs South Korea match at 10 am.

Lot’s is supposed to happen during an eclipse. BIG changes they say! I wonder if this means that USA has a better chance of winning it’s World Cup game at 2:30 tomorrow? We’ll see won’t we! This lunar eclipse is supposed to be particularly potent because Pluto in Capricorn will be extremely closely conjunct the Moon in Capricorn I believe within a degree! What does that mean? Ever BIGGER, more INTENSE changes can happen! Perhaps involving intense emotion as Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld (or more technically the Lord of the Dwarf planets), will be such a big factor to this one. Perhaps involving a conflict or crisis of illumination of home (Cancer) vs. work/career (Capricorn). I’ve noticed a lot of people are out of town this weekend, many seemingly attending family events (Cancer) or friends that might act as family.
Usually full moons bring things to fruition, however lunar eclipses are said to involve such big change that usually something has to be let go in order to allow enough space for whatever the eclipse needs to bring into one’s life. So it’s always said that if something ends on an eclipse it’s a clearing of space for something new in one’s life to take shape.
On the other hand, it’s possible that this eclipse may not bring such dramatic change now, as sometimes the big reveal comes a month or so after the eclipse. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t worry about this eclipse. I myself have decided to celebrate with a BBQ with friends! Whatever you decide to do tomorrow, try to have as much fun as possible! I’ve decided that too often we don’t enjoy change as much as we should–if you don’t change you don’t grow, in short you don’t live! So have a wonderful eclipse whatever you do tomorrow!


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