Waxing and Waning to a Full Moon Eclipse

Waxing and Waning to a Full Moon Eclipse

We’re on our way to a big eclipse is Saturday the 26th! The new moon last week on the 12th had me, and others, very tired. I literally felt like something old was ending and something new was coming into focus. Perhaps it felt particularly strong because of the upcoming pair of eclipses that will bring big change. The first will be on June 26th, a lunar full moon eclipse, and the next one on July 11th will be a solar eclipse with the new moon.

Traditionally the waxing portion of the moon cycle, from the new moon to the full moon, is the time when one can initiate and move forwards with new plans with ease. One does and acts vs the time from the full moon to the next new moon, the waning phase, where it’s easier for one to reflect and analyze. The moon cycle as a whole is supposed to be one where at the new moon something new is initiated, it grows until the culmination of the full moon and then the experience is analyzed, evaluated, and understood on the way back to the next new moon where the cycle starts again. 

I’ve found that it’s good to keep the moon cycles in mind when starting new activities as if you start something new during the waxing moon the universe seems to give it just a bit more of a “push” forwards. Right before a new moon it’s good to be a little more introspective, give yourself a time to meditate, and get ready for something new. Although I keep track of when the new and full moon are, it’s sometimes hard to find a daily planner that gives you all the information you need, and here’s the perfect item: the Lunar Diary! I think I just might get this for 2011!

At the moment I feel like we’re hurtling towards the 26th and the full moon eclipse.  This Summer is sure to be full of big changes, so take stock and get ready!

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