Wimbledon Watch!

I just LOVED it when I heard that  fellow Taurus John Isner won the longest playing match in Wimbledon history! If you’ve read this blog before you will know how I like to analyze the signs of tennis players and also how it seems there is a disproportional number of Gemini’s out there winning games (Nadal, Venus, Henin, as examples).

But in this case, Isner’s star sign’s strength and sheer determination kept him not only playing for over 11 hours but also winning the match! Taureans are known for their stubbornness sometimes. Once they decide to dig in their heels it’s very hard to get them to let go, on anything really (I should know as it’s perhaps one of my least favourite qualilties in myself!). But where perhaps some fire signs would loose steam and be unable to stay the course when the going got rough, the bull just keeps going! I would have to say that of all the signs, perhaps Taurus is the most determined over the long haul, perhaps due to a combination of their Earth element and Fixed quality makes them as immovable as a bulldozer sometimes! Aries shoots out of the gate as the first sign, but often fails to keep the momentum going. Look for instance to Nadal’s recent win over Philipp Petzschner who happens to be an Aries. Nadal as a Gemini was able to nimbly bring himself back from what could have been a a loss as Philip lost the fuel for his fire at the end.
As I’ve said before, I feel the Gemini’s (and often the air signs as well) have a distinct astrological advantage in tennis, but it’s fun to see how the astrological drama all plays out! There are also a fair number of Leo tennis superstar’s and I think it’s the combination of the Fire element with the Fixed quality of the sign that gives it more staying power than the other two fire signs. Federer is one of the more famous Leo tennis players as is Pete Sampras, both amazing tennis players who refuse to loose—Leo’s never like to look undignified and loosing is just not in their playbook!
We’ll see how tennis season shapes up astrologically this Summer with future updates!


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