Down the Rabbit Hole, or in Other Words It’s...

Down the Rabbit Hole, or in Other Words It’s Mercury Retrograde!

On my vacation several weeks ago I found myself on a placid lake, looking at the waters, reflective almost like a mirror, where a boat named “The White Rabbit” was docked. Lately I have been feeling like I fell down some kind of Rabbit Hole and like Alice in Wonderland have been wandering around in some alternate universe where nothing seems to more forward and nothing can be accomplished and the Red Queen is screaming “Off with her Head!” and absurdities abound. How did this happen? Well, it’s Mercury Retrograde Time (let’s call it MRT for short), and during MRT it often seems as if one has passed through the other side of a mirror and things are going on backwards, or at least not the normal way that they should. There IS good reason for this, although one wouldn’t realize it. And that is that Mercury the planet, rules Mercury the metal, and in fact mirrors for many hundreds of years in the past used to be made with Mercury, because of it’s liquid reflective quality. In fact, some mirrors for telescopes still use liquid mercury today!

So the analogy of falling down a rabbit hole on the other side of a mirror as a metaphor for what it’s like during MRT is in fact not a bad metaphor at all. So how long has this been going on may you ask and when will I stop encountering Mad Hatters? Well we descended into this MRT on September 7th and we shall emerge on September 29th. So it shan’t be long now! Many have been having a hard time this Mercury Retrograde, what with the Saturn/Uranus Opposition combined with the Sun conjuncting Saturn, affecting last week and this past weekend in particular. I found this aspect to affect many individuals greatly and some not so much. Some people were just mildly peeved, whereas others had to embark on journey’s to reclaim property from ex’s in another state, and some people even had to journey to other countries to try and reclaim children taken by their ex-spouses. Indeed some have had to face a journey more Herculean than Alice in Wonderland. I think those with stressful aspects of the Saturn/Uranus opposition had a harder time of it than others. Although it does seem like there is some sort of theme of “journey” to “another place” where one tries to “reclaim” something that is/was once theirs, whether physical property or relative, or even something less concrete, like a former idea, or state of mind, or even spiritual peace. Those of you on journeys like this will most likely already be there, traveling, or may have even finished traveling by now, but the journey is not yet over as Mercury Retrograde is not yet over.
Also Jupiter is in a very loose conjunction with Neptune right now, and in fact BOTH of those planets are Retrograde adding to the enhancement that this is a time where a type of Spiritual Journey is taking place. You may come back from a trip like I did, only to find yourself mildly ill with a seasonal cold and be “forced” so to speak to slow down and retreat again. You’re being asked to sit back and process your life right now, not move forward, even if that’s what you want. There will be plenty of time for moving forwards in October, but for now you are behind the mirror, on a curiouser and curiouser journey and hopefully come next week will know how to slowly climb back up out of the Rabbit Hole.
I had planned for months to go on vacation just before this MRT started and continuing a week into the MRT. It was an interesting experience because I think, contrary to what many astrologers say about recommending that one not travel during this time, I actually think it can be a good time to leave one’s normal routine, precisely because it favors re-laxation, re-flection, and anything with a re: in front of it. It might not be the best time for an active filled sporting vacation or a business trip, but if it’s a reflective type of vacation then in fact I think it’s favored. Because you might not be getting much done if you weren’t on vacation anyhow. Of interesting note, I chose a book called “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami for my trip, and without giving too much away, it was a good novel for a MRT as the main character ended up down a well for a good portion of the time because it allowed him the ability to enter another type of parallel world and accomplish work that he needed to do there. Nothing could be a better metaphor for MRT than spending time down a well in order to contact a kind of spirit world to resolve things that can only be resolved in that world yet it affects the “real” world “above.”
So I will leave you to attend your final Mad Hatter Tea Parties in the last week of this MRT: remember to savor this time as sometimes our “unproductive” and “reflective” time can give us great rewards in the future that we cannot foresee until later!


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