Holy Crap! Trinity of Eclipses Ahead!

Oh Boy! Are we in for it! I can feel change coming down the line like a train coming down the tracks. And with three, instead of just the normal two, eclipses coming up in the month ahead I really don’t know what things are going to look like once we hit mid to late August I think there will be so much change. I see precursors everywhere. My computer dying in an early fireworks display Saturday morning on the 4th (thank goodness for old backup computers that I never got rid of), changes at work that are scheduled to take place later this month, friends cars suddenly dying. Even the New York Public library’s compuer system isn’t working correctly. It’s like the eclipse is already here although technically the first lunar eclipse will take place on Tuesday July 7th. Our next Solar Eclipse will be July 22nd, and finally another lunar eclipse on August 6th.

Of note is that we’re starting in on eclipses that are in the Cancer/Capricorn signs. For the last two years the eclipses have been in the Leo/Aquarius arena, and indeed we will have a final Leo/Aquarius eclipse on August 5th–kind of like a send-off into the new territory: by then I’m sure we’ll have our hands full with what comes in July: a precursor to what the next couple of years of eclipses will be about.
I’m not sure if it’s just that the Leo/Aquarius eclipses didn’t hit specific areas of my chart or it’s that the fire/air combination was easier to handle but I find eclipses in Water signs can be very emotional because the change can hit so close to home. For instance I was let go from a job that I’d had for a very long time when there was an eclipse in the Fall of 2006 that fell in my 10th house of career. But also the eclipse was in Pisces, so it was a super big emotional change that involved letting go of where I was and moving on to a new start. I sense similar themes like that happening now just in the fact that Cancer is about home and family and Capricorn is about career and public image wherever they fall in your chart. It’s a Water/Earth dynamic and change with these two can bring emotional tsunami’s and earthquakes if the change is big enough.
Perhaps many will have an unexpected move, buy a house, start a family, maybe even get married way sooner than they expected. Some may change careers or have them changed for them. In the last eclipse cycle I saw a friend get offered a relocation to a completely new city on the solar eclipse, having her keep a contract for around 3 years to stay there. With the economy the way it is, she took it, and within two months had moved permanently. So a lot that happens on these eclipses can take effect in the next couple of months and have ramifications for several years to come.
Even though I missed the fireworks this year, I shouldn’t be dissapointed. All I have to do is sit back and watch the major changes coming up unfold and that will be plenty for a while!

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