Double Gemini Win at the US Open and Mercury and P...

Double Gemini Win at the US Open and Mercury and Pluto Go Direct

The Twins won at the Us Open this year! Both the men and women’s 2010 winner’s, Nadal and Clijsters, are Gemini’s! Ironic (or perhaps not so) during a US Open where almost all of the games except the men’s final (which was postponed!) took place during a Mercury Retrograde! We indeed “saw double” at the Open!

Meanwhile, Mercury turned around to move direct late Sunday and Pluto late Monday! I for one, feel so much better now that Mercury has gone direct! Even though I am not a Gemini, both my Asc/rising and Venus, and Saturn are all in Gemini, making Mercury Retrogrades potentially more of a challenge for me than those without any planets in Gemini in their charts. As for Pluto, if you’re a Scorpio out there you’ll most likely be breathing a sigh of relief today as Pluto will not be going Retrograde again until April 9th 2011! While the outer planets go Retrograde for a long period of time (often for months!) the good news is that they then go Direct for months as well!
Full steam ahead everyone until our next Retrograde of Venus on October 8th! Heads up that we’re in the “shadow” phase of what’s to come during the actual Retrograde from October 8th through November 18th. But still try and get important TO-DO’s out of the way if possible as depending on where Venus (and Taurus/Libra) is in your chart there could be a slow-down this Fall in those areas come October/November!


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