The Gemini’s are Back: Seeing Double at the ...

The Gemini’s are Back: Seeing Double at the US Open!

The Gemini’s are at the US Open again in the finals! Right now Djokovic, a Gemini, is playing Leo Federer for a spot to play top ranked Gemini Nadal. Yesterday we had two top Gemini women players go head-to-head, Venus Williams vs. Kim Clijsters. Clijsters won last year’s US Open, and interestingly enough, it was during a Mercury Retrograde as well. . . . I do think that Clijsters will win against her Virgo opponent Zvonareva tonight. But even though Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini, Virgo is also technically ruled by Mercury, although it’s speculated that Virgo should in fact be ruled by the former planet that now are the asteroids. . . but that speculation is another matter! If it comes to a head to head of Federer vs Nadal tomorrow it will be a great show indeed. We’ll see if the Gemini’s can pull it out for a double win this Mercury Retrograde US


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