Home Decorating: Lavender on the Bedside Table!

Home Decorating: Lavender on the Bedside Table!

Right before I started what I like to call my “simplified spending” plan (that is spending as little as possible!) I bought a bouquet of dried lavender for $10! I’d been wanting some for awhile, thinking that it would somehow lend a more provencial air to my apartment, and also last a long time as well if it’s dried. Late Summer/early Fall is such a wonderful time to find fresh or dried lavender, and it’s so soothing to have in the home, I highly recommend if you have access to it to put a nice bunch near your bedside table as I did. You’ll feel a sense of calm and your nerves will be soothed as you drift off to sleep. It’s said that lavender not only actually helps you physically relax but that it can help your  sleep become deeper as well! And couldn’t we all do with if not more, better and deeper sleep!


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