Happy Halloween & Scorpio New Moon Mix Tape!

Happy Halloween & Scorpio New Moon Mix Tape!

The days are just flying by! I am shocked that tomorrow will be November, and I’m not sure where October went. It certainly ended with a bang, and our historic record breaking snow this past weekend on the East Coast. Is this snow courtesy of our intensely Scorpionic New Moon Cycle that began on Wednesday October 26th and 3:37 pm EDT? Maybe! What we do know is that for the East Coast time the stellium of planets in Scorpio are all in the 8th house of death, sex, and taxes! Seems all of those things are de rigueur for life, at least life as we know it. Scorpios have a reputation for being intense, but that’s because they have a greater ability than other signs to see through to the core of things, having Pluto as their ruling planet.

While the intensity of the Scorpio stellium in the 8th house will most likely make for an intense Moon Cycle (especially for the East Coast), there is a bit of levity as Jupiter, planet of Good Luck in Taurus (all things earthy and sensual) is in opposition to the New Moon and Sun, while Trine Pluto itself! Changes this month, while intense should be for the better! While Venus Square Mars ratchets up the intensity in relationships if the energy is channelled it can potentially end up being energizing and a good thing rather than exploding in ones face. Although with all this Pluto energy abounding, if something is meant to end, it will, and it will be for the better. For all Scorpios know that with endings come a rebirth and a new beginning. So we as the phoenix may have to rise from the ashes in some area of our lives this month.

While all of this drama is going on, have a listen to the “Scorpio New Moon Mix” I put together for you all!

Happy Halloween!


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