Lightning Strikes! Full Moon Saturday November 24t...

Lightning Strikes! Full Moon Saturday November 24th with Uranus turning Direct!

Yesterday on Thanksgiving the Sun moved from the sign of secretive Scorpio to gregarious Sagittarius. Most likely this gave everyone a cause to relax and indulge, as only Sagittarian’s can with lots of eating, drinking, and merriment! Scorpio is the sign that is all about depth and what lies beneath while Sag’s like things to be above board so that you can get straight to the point! So for the next astrological month we can all be merry celebrating the holidays because after the next month is over, the days in the Northern hemisphere will grow longer again.

The full moon began on November 9th, comes to fruition this Saturday the 24th, very near the time when Uranus, which has been retrograde since June 23rd of this year. The planet Uranus usually brings change, and lightning swift change at that! Combined with a full moon, who knows what will change in your life! Certainly something big could be revealed, something previously thought important could now unexpectedly fall by the wayside, or big changes or discoveries in consciousness could allow for an understanding that previously was not thought possible.
For those of you who have your chart, Uranus is turning direct between 14-15 degrees of Pisces, so whatever house that falls in your chart could experience the lightning strike of Uranus in the coming days. Remember that change is not always bad, and with Uranus going direct, whatever is changing is most likely for the better, even if a loss seems to be involved. It really is true that you can’t receive the new unless you’ve let go of the old.
2007 is starting to wrap up, and while because Mars is retrograde, 2008 may not feel to many like it fully starts until February after Mars goes direct, now is definitely the time to think about releasing the old that is no longer useful so that new growth can occur for the new year!

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