A Tornado Hits Brooklyn?

While the tornado that ripped through 2007 woke me in the middle of the night and had me huddling in my bathroom in the center of my apartment, I managed to entirely miss what was by all evidence, the Brooklyn/Queens tornado of 2010. I had gone to an Apple Color workshop, bringing with me my Avengers style umbrella as my weatherbug app radar said that some kind of storm would be approaching later. As I was leaving the first drops were coming down, and I slipped into the subway just before I needed to use my umbrella.

Emerging on the other side in Brooklyn, I still did not get to use my umbrella as the rain was over.  I was greeted by this tree that snapped like a toothpick.


Although it fazed me not, as so much has happened lately it seemed not completely outside of the norm. I was surprised to see that further trees were down elsewhere though, and the green carpet of leaves paving the street made me think that for sure a tornado had hit.

This evening I decided to stroll through Prospect Park to see if there were as many downed trees as there were in my neighborhood. Sure enough, it looked like someone had taken a giant weed whacker to the entire park.Or more eerie and strange, like the Smoke Monster from Lost that would mysteriously appear out of nowhere and cause torrential winds to whip around and crash through the trees in search of vengeance, had made a live appearance recently. I could almost hear the voices in the air.

I haven’t researched if there are any particular astrological aspects or configurations that seem to occur with tornadoes but I will say that on July 25th, during a particularly rocky astrological time, a tornado touched down in the Bronx. Perhaps this time right now approaching the equinox, with its abundant sudden change as I discussed in my last post, the day of the storm, is equally rocky enough to produce a rare New York tornado.

Either way, it seems for many both the interior emotional as well as the actual physical landscapes everyone occupies are changing shape. 


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