20× and A Visual for the Abrupt Change...

20× and A Visual for the Abrupt Changes We’re Experiencing Now!

The amazing image above is by Marion Belanger, and is entitled “Rift #26 (Heimaey House). If you haven’t heard of, go there now and you can purchase Marion’s print (and many other fantastic artists) for as little as $20! It’s really one of the best deals out there for original affordable art. Several hang in my apartment and I love looking at them everyday!
I love Marion’s image because it so clearly shows how rifts occur right in one’s own backyard! The almost cookie-cutter, ticky-tacky houses in the distance are juxtaposed by the black earth emerging as a gaping hole in the foreground. You cannot reach the seemingly placid houses across the way, for the rift is too great. Perhaps there is a way around it, although from the image you wouldn’t know it. All you know is that you are cut off from a world that it seems you once belonged to, but can no longer access. No one knows what’s behind you, which is the only place where you can turn now. This is one of those images that compels you to turn around, psychologically. If you turn around in your own life now, and move the only way that you can because of the rift that is in front of you, what will you find?

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