Crossing the Bridge: The Upcoming Equinox!

Crossing the Bridge: The Upcoming Equinox!

Having been transported outside of my normal routine of late, I have been feeling more energized than normal. Being put in an unplanned situation has forced me to look at the world in a different way. I have been seeing things I haven’t seen before, overhearing conversations that I wouldn’t have bothered to listen to a month ago. The world seems stranger and yet more wondrous than I had imagined!

Yet with all of the newness in the air, it feels as though I will have to “cross a bridge” at some point soon. Like I will have to fully cast aside memories of the life (well the job that was my life) that I had before at some point soon. I have a feeling that the Equinox this year will be that time.

This year the Equinox will occur on September 22 at 11:09 pm EDT. A full moon occurs shortly afterwards the next day. A theme this Fall therefore should be about Fullness. How is your life full, and what is it full of? What is in abundance in your life? Where are you fulfilled?

Oftentimes when people think of fulfillment they think of only good things. Complete happiness and love without any challenges. But fulfillment does not always bring easy things and to become fulfilled one often has to surmount sometimes very difficult challenges.

If we look at the chart for the Equinox below, we can see that there will a very intense “T-square” planet configuration with some planets of serious change! The Sun will be conjunct Saturn, meaning that we will have to have discipline this Fall to achieve our goals. This pair of planets is then opposed to the Moon (emotional self), which is in turn conjunct the planets Jupiter (expansion, luck) and Uranus (unexpected change). While we may have to be very disciplined in our self, there will be an opposite side,
one more emotional that will involve both growth and unexpected change. Not the easiest combination in the world to handle! All of these planets are then Square (challenging aspect) to Pluto (God of the Underworld and Change that Transforms your core!) to add even more intensity to the situation. Sounds like fun, right?

Suffice to say, it seems like BIG things are in store for us this Fall! Like from that song that I can’t remember the title to at the moment, “it’s good, it’s bad, it’s in between! But it’s the unexpected and the uncertainty that keeps us going, you know what I mean!”

So I think this Fall bridges will be crossed. There will be points of no turning back. Major decisions that will change your life (or major events that will change your life) will happen. These may or may not be under your control, but hopefully, with a little luck (Jupiter) these will all be for the best, and at the very least you will grow from it all.

Isn’t that all we can hope from life sometimes? That although we may go through big changes and potentially trying times, that we learn something in the end? I think so!

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