2008 Year of “Extreme Ironing” Update!

2008 Year of “Extreme Ironing” Update!

As you may recall, I dubbed 2008 the Year of “Extreme Ironing”! What with Saturn being in Virgo for all of the year and Jupiter in Capricorn giving added zest to disciplinary areas, this is THE year to get your s*%t together as they say. At least when it comes to organization, streamlining, health, efficiency, and cleanliness. In fact, the planets are providing so much Virgo this Summer as to give us perhaps a “Summer of Ironing.” I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but it could add up to some good clean fun. Or at least a cleaner apartment, a new exercize routine, and eating better and taking one’s vitamins!

So why is this Summer filled with so much organizational energy to be utilized? Well Mars, the planet of action is currently traveling through Virgo and has been since July 2nd. It will continue through in Virgo through August 19th, but in the meantime Venus will also add to the fun by joining traveling through Virgo on August 7th continuing it’s transit all the way through almost the end of the month on August 30th.
With Mars conjuncting Saturn on July 10th and Venus on August 16th, discipline will be added to the mix allowing added grounding to making whatever organizational/health endeavour you choose sure to have more of a chance of making it a reality.
So while the weather is warm and inviting, start a new health routine, take a few laps around your nearest park, visit the Vitamin Shoppe, take old clothing and furnishings to your local Salvation Army, and you’ll be set for the new changes that will be taking place in the Fall as a result of the eclipses taking place in August!


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