New Summer directions & August’s “...

New Summer directions & August’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart!”

Summer has finally arrived and not without adding some drama to our lives! The big changes and challenges of the Summer are Uranus turning Retrograde and the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses of August!

Since we last left off in the soap opera of the stars, Mercury went direct in Gemini on June 19th, we had the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere with the Summer Solstice on June 21st, and Uranus went retrograde in Pisces a week later on June 27th.   Communications that might have been strained while Mercury was retrograde should now be resolving themselves. Alternatively, things that were hidden might have come to light during this period, and therefore changes in direction might have been in order and new roads taken. Perhaps a new side of someone’s personality that was never seen was revealed and changes were made accordingly. Lies that were revealed might prompt leaving either people or situations in the past versus taking them into our futures. Right around the time Mercury goes direct a different direction is often taken in regards to an issue that came up during the retrograde itself. Mercury retrogrades can provide insights that we need to explore for the next three months until the next Mercury Retrograde comes up. These insights can provide an opportunity for subtle recalibrations in ones life.
So while Mercury going direct might have started off the Summer on new paths, Uranus’s retrograde also might have given another change in direction in ones life. Uranus if the planet of sudden realizations, erratic behaviour and eccentricity. While it can add a touch of genius to one’s life the flip side is rebellion and debauchery without a purpose or a plan. Uranus is in Pisces right now and therefore the retrograde would most likely affect Pisces, Virgo (the opposite) or Gemini and Sagittarians (challenging square aspect) most. I know several people who’s issues with drug addiction, the Piscean shadow side, suddenly (Uranus) came to a huge crisis right around the time that Uranus went retrograde. Uranus will stay retrograde until November 27th and this 6 month period is a great time for everyone to explore their shadow side, especially if they have issues with dependency or co-dependency, all Piscean themes.
But the big fireworks that are upcoming will be the eclipses of August! First we have a total solar eclipse on August 1st. And then we have a lunar eclipse on August 16th. With both of these eclipses involving the sign of Leo, the lion, the sign that rules the heart, August may indeed involve a “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The total solar eclipse on the 1st will be at 9 degrees Leo, and anyone with planets close to this degree will be greatly impacted, given a new burst of creative energy in their lives. Solar eclipses usually bring new beginnings, while lunar eclipses usually bring some sort of emotional closure. In this case, with the 16th eclipse will be with the Sun at 24 degrees Leo and the Moon at 24 degrees Aquarius. Wherever these points fall in your chart may bring some kind of loss which while at the time might seem overwhelming, will bring a new beginning.
So even though the slow days of Summer may be here, there may be big changes ahead that will bring new beginnings for the Fall.


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