Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round

I’ve been watching a lot of TCM lately. Hence the title of this entry actually is a reference to an obscure 60’s movie about a con-man who effortlessly plans and executes a bank heist. Not exactly an original plot and not exactly a movie with rave reviews, but it was entertaining. And the title was very apropos not only to the movie but to I think what a lot of people are feeling right now. It seems that many people have either been undergoing a crisis that keeps going up and down and around in circles or others are experiencing a kind of “dead heat” in regards to this Summer. A kind of sweltering hot weather that settles into ones bones and almost kind of paralyzes one to any productive work even if, with all the Virgo planets in get up and go mode, one desperately want to do . . . something . . . but one isn’t sure what. 

What with the price of oil and gas skyrocketing, more and more people are seemingly taking “staycations” and going around a local circle rather than widening it. The political candidates seem to also be in a “dead heat” with it not being apparent who will turn out to be the winner in the upcoming election this Fall, and everyone seems to be up in the air yet going around in circles. 

I myself have reorganized my closets, been to the container store, and stocked up on vintage clothing and cedar and lavender spray for the Fall and Winter, all Virgoan pursuits, yet it feels like I’m going in circles. Although better than before my closets didn’t need that much reorganization to begin with. It’s too hot to do much else productive. It all seems to add up that something big is coming. Like this time now from the full moon on Friday the 18th to the new moon Solar Eclipse on August the 1st is a kind of waiting period. Like the calm before the storm we are in a dead heat before something arrives. I am personally not sure what it will be, for myself, the country and others but it does feel like something big is on the horizon with these eclipses coming up in August. Like something has to break the heat in order to get relief from the stillness.

Speaking of the political arena, it’s fascinating that the two eclipses will be in Leo while there is so much Virgo and conjuctions of Saturn with Mars and Venus in July and August. It’s like there’s a battle between Virgo and Leo going on, and in fact there is. Some of you may already know that Barack Obama is a Leo born on August the 4th and that John McCain is a Virgo born on August 29th. Right now Saturn is in Virgo, giving quite a boost to McCain’s reputation as an authority figure capable of being the next president. While for Obama it’s fascinating that the Solar eclipse, on August the 1st while not an exact conjunction, is close enough that it will affect him surely in some way. What way is yet to be seen. Will it mean a new beginning as our next president or something else?
We’ll all find out once the Dead Heat of this Summer breaks and Fall arrives.


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