When a Venus Retrograde Brings the Worst News

When a Venus Retrograde Brings the Worst News

We’ve mentioned that Venus retrograde can bring people you haven’t seen back into your life. People can make-up during this time. But correspondingly, people can also break up.

Oftentimes when this happens it is because new information suddenly comes to light. Just as with Mercury retrograde you can sometimes get information that you wouldn’t normally be privy to because people are trying to hide certain things, so too with Venus retrograde.

So when I heard about a woman who recently found emails from her fiance to an ex of his indicating he was having an affair, all of this just months before the wedding, I was heartened when I was also told that this woman promptly dumped the sorry ass of her fiance and is now trying to move on with her life!

It takes a lot in this “couple” obsessed culture of ours to promptly act when a loved one isn’t respectful to us, but it’s a necessary step if we’re ever to find a real relationship that’s worth our time.  So many couples while looking just peachy keen on the outside have some hidden dysfunction. Even it’s as subtle as thinking that “oh, he’s going to take care of me” when one should always be taking care of oneself. However, we’ve been trained from birth to glorify relationships, even if they’re dysfunctional, and that can eventually take a heavy toll on us without our realizing it. We can compromise our values, and our self-esteem by staying in a relationship that is one sided or that is based on fantasy and not reality, lies instead of honesty.

It takes bravery and courage to let go of the devil that you know, because you’re afraid of the devil that you don’t. But you can’t find something better if you stay with something or someone that isn’t working out.

So for those of you going through something similar take heart that loss in an inevitable portion of life and it’s better to lose something that isn’t working so that in the future you can have something that will!


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