Envisioning Your Best Year for 2011!

Envisioning Your Best Year for 2011!

Happy New Year! It’s 2011! But just because we’ve already started the new year, doesn’t mean that we don’t have another big start coming up ahead. In fact, I would say that in my mind, 2011 really starts on January 4th with the big solar eclipse that will occur around 4 am EST on Tuesday!

Right now we’re in the “dark of the moon” phase and this means that we’re in a kind of “wrap up” stage that has a very Piscean and Neptunean energy to it. What’s all that mean? It means it’s a great time for you to reflect on the past, and more importantly think about what you’d like to accomplish in the future! Dark of the moon times, a day or two before any New Moon are great times to envision what you want to achieve.

In fact, if you have a free evening or part of the day, you might like to try making a Vision Board for 2011! Vision boarding may already be familiar to you, but if it’s not reading this article by Experience Life Magazine will help get you up to speed.

In essence with Vision Boarding your putting an image to your goals will help you “see” achieving your goal. In fact there seems to be some sort of scientific basis for all of this in that the Vision Board seems to help your mind “target” your goals in real life more effectively. If you have time and want to read more, you can always get the book Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams by Lucia Capacchione. Or if you’re into the digital thing, there’s even an online O Dream Board!

Now you may be asking why am I talking about Vision Boarding now with this eclipse? We’ve had eclipses before you say, why Vision Board with this one?

Well it’s not just because it’s so close to the New Year. It’s also because this eclipse has a lot of good energy to it! Why? For one thing Mr. Luck and Expansion, planet Jupiter is conjuncting again with Uranus, planet of the Unexpected and Humanitarian/Social in Pisces the sign of Visioning itself! That combined with the Trine (great relationship aspect) Venus, planet of Love and Creativity/Beauty will be making with the dynamic duo of Jupiter/Uranus, means that you now have a real opportunity to make some changes for a happier and more creative life!

What’s also good about this eclipse is that there’s so much Capricorn involved! As I’ve mentioned before Capricorn’s sign is represented by the Mountain Goat and as any of you who’ve tried any bouldering or mountain/wall climbing yourself will know, in order to climb you have to plan your strategy! So with the stellium (big cluster) of planets Sun, Pluto, Moon, Sun, and Mars in Capricorn (see chart below), this is a virtual powerhouse of planning energy that the universe is giving you free of charge! Even the Sun, Moon, Mars Square (challenging) Saturn aspect is good in that it forces you to be grounded and real when making your plans.

It’s like the universe if just giving away planning, strategy and visioning abilities! You don’t want to miss out so get to the head of the line and start your visioning. Take an hour or two, or heck, take the whole day! Do a little meditation, write up a plan for your Resolutions, make a Vision Board for accomplishments you want to achieve in your life and think BIG! Don’t tell the universe when you’re going to get these things but put out there what you’d like to achieve! You might be surprised by what you’ll get a month, six months, even years ahead!


  1. Sarah

    5 January

    This makes me feel so inspired! Thanks, Sasha!

    • Sasha

      5 January

      Thanks Sarah! Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s and have an inspiring New Year ahead!

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