Is Venus partying like it’s 1999?

Many astrologers have mentioned that the span of the Zodiac that Venus is currently retrograding through (early Virgo through mid Leo) was traveled also in Retrograde in the Summer of 1999. Venus retrogrades through very similar portions of the Zodiac every 8 years. If you traced her pattern, of retrogrades, she would form a 5 pointed star. The pentagram, or 5 pointed star, is an important symbol in many mystical traditions from the freemasons to the gnostics. Astrologically each retrograde has important information for us to learn.  Supposedly, if one were to track issues occuring during Venus retrogrades, there should not only be a pattern from retrograde to retrograde, but especially a pattern from 8 years ago. In this case 1999.

The trouble for me is that I can’t remember what happened to me the Summer of ’99! I’m not sure if I should start the ginko bilboa now but I draw a complete blank. Perhaps I just was having too much fun dancing to Prince songs that year. In any case, if anyone sees there any correspondence of this Venus retrograde to Summer of 1999, please feel free to post a comment and share!


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