The Solstice Lunar Eclipse Full Moon!

The Solstice Lunar Eclipse Full Moon!

In addition to a lot of holiday parties there have been a lot of astrological events happening recently! Yesterday we had the inferior conjunction of the Sun to Mercury, which is basically when Mercury conjuncts the Sun while Merc is Retrograde. This inferior conjunction time is usually a turning point in the Mercury Retrograde cycle and will sometimes bring flashes of understanding or insight into a situation that has been highlighted for the past couple of weeks.

But that’s not all! Tomorrow is the BIG day that we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe not!). If you’re into lunar eclipse watching, tomorrow would be a great time to watch the eclipse which starts around 1 am EST, with totality around 3:11 am and lasting until around 5 am. Sad to say that I might not be the night owl that stays up just to watch the celestial drama unfold! It should be beautiful though, if you happen to have a window where you can view in from inside in the warmth of your home or apartment.

Some astrologers have noted that Uranus is in a challenging Square aspect to Sun/Moon/Mercury as well as Mars/Pluto (loosely) this lunar eclipse. They say that this could mean that unexpected changes that might be challenging could be on their way. While that is a possibility, let’s also not forget that looking at the chart above we see that Jupiter is in the mix still conjunct with Uranus for this T-square aspect.

I tend to think that when Jupiter shows up, things usually happen for the best and if there is an unexpected loss on its way, it might end up being more liberating than upsetting hopefully. While lunar eclipses often are said to be indicative of a kind of ending (so that a new beginning in the solar eclipse can happen) we should not forget that not all endings are bad. Like the series finale to a show, like say Six Feet Under, you can have complete closure and move forwards to new things. You can also of course have a series ending you might not like so much (dare I say that I thought the ending to Lost wasn’t as good as it could have been?). Then of course there are the unexpected endings to shows, like Twin Peaks or Rubicon, which leave you hanging, because there was every intention of having another season but it just wasn’t in the cards!

So if there are endings that come up hopefully they will be nice and neat (if unexpected) ones. I think though that with the Moon Trine Neptune, and Venus Sextile Mars during all of this, there may be some unexpected Spiritual as well as potential Creative/Romantic salvation in this eclipse.

Then the official Winter Solstice and moving of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn, Old Man Winter personified, will occur around 7 pm EST. It’s a full day ahead tomorrow! I would say get some rest, but only if you’re not watching the eclipse!


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