A Little Zen in Your Day!

A Little Zen in Your Day!

Lately I’ve been spending quality time on the subway with my NYTimes app! I love to feel informed about all the days news in the time in takes to go into the city and return again. But sometimes, one just isn’t in the mood for wordy, Left Brain thinking. Recently I discovered TanZen Lite and TanZen apps. Do you recall those tangram puzzles that teachers in grade school would whip out when they talked about the Right Brain and wanted to stump all of us Left Brain smarties? Not that I don’t think that I have creative and artistic ability, but for what it was worth I was terrible at these spatial relations puzzles as a child!

But partly I think I could have gotten better at them had not everyone been staring at me expecting me to figure it out immediately! I mean, there are many things in life that one doesn’t get immediately but when you work on it you figure it out (remember those images that looked like nothing and you had to stare at forever to see the 3D picture?), and without trying something new it’s hard to become more creative. So I was pleased when I downloaded this puzzle and within one subway ride was able to finally figure out one of the puzzles! Rather soothing and meditative, when I’m not in the mood for Left Brain newsflashes I might add a little Zen to my day. I hope that perhaps at some point I will not only solve more tangram puzzles but perhaps will also receive a flash of enlightenment at the same time and creatively solve something else that has be puzzling me!


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