Saturn in Virgo: the Reality Check is that the Dis...

Saturn in Virgo: the Reality Check is that the Discipline is in the Details!

This past September 2nd, Saturn moved from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo. Saturn changes signs roughly every two years, giving us plenty of time to learn the lessons it has in store for us in regards to discipline, work and in accord, accomplishment, in each sign.

As Venus, now having completed it’s post-retrograde shadow, is back moving forwards into new ground from where it was several months ago, before the Venus retrograde of this Summer. Fittingly, Venus conjuncted Saturn this past weekend as well. Whenever Venus is joined with Saturn in a transit, it’s usually a time that we seriously (Saturn does everything seriously. . . seriously) consider what it is that we love. When it’s in Virgo, if we’re in a relationship, we analyse every detail about our loved one, to determine if they’re right for us for the long haul.

While Venus will move out of Virgo in a month or so, what does Saturn in Virgo mean for us for the next several years? Well for starters, the combination of Saturn, Mr. Serious Discipline, with Virgo, Mr. Detail, means that we’ll have quite a powerful combination to spur us on to detailed discipline wherever this planet falls in our chart!

For me, for instance, Saturn just moved into my 4th house of home base/family/internal nurturing. As my family lives far away and I’m not married with any children, this transit seems to be taking a different effect. I’ve always been one to want my home to be orderly. Almost overly orderly that is, not just the semi-presentable state that it usually is in. It’s not that I don’t value order, or organization, just that I’ve never seemed to have the drive to get everything in it’s place. . .until now that is!

I’ve stocked up on Clorox wipes and scrubbing bubbles, have been cleaning out closets, throwing things away I don’t need and organizing like I haven’t ever in my life! I’ve suddenly been noticing the details of everything around me. If I see it’s not clean, out comes a clorox wipe ready to remove any dust and grime! As Saturn completes a cycle roughly every 27 or 28 years, I haven’t been through a Virgo transit since I was a child. And luckily, given the amount of stuff that I have that needs organizing, it’s a good thing that this transit will last two years! But for once, I feel like I’m making headway in an area of my life that’s always been challenging.

If you don’t know what house Saturn is transiting through you can still take advantage of this transit by thinking to yourself “What/where do I need/want to create order in my life right now?” Your answer should come naturally and whatever it is, apply yourself! Give yourself license to go to the Container Store or hire a personal organizer if you want to organize your home. If you want to work out more, hire a personal trainer or set workout goals for yourself! If you want to eat better hire a nutritionist or read about eating well (not dieting, but eating smart).  I have several friends who have hired house cleaners as they know they don’t have the time to organize and clean their homes, but still are feeling this push from Saturn. Saturn is a big pusher. He’s Mr. Reality Check and if the reality is that you can’t do it alone, get help! Saturn is all about getting things done, and most people need help in more than one area of their lives. The point is to do what you need to do to make progress!

Saturn rules the planet Capricorn, and Capricorn and Virgo are both earth signs, both trine to one another. Short answer to “What the hell does that mean?” is that they work well together! This transit can really help one transform an area of one’s life. The transit has just started, so you do have plenty of time to make your changes, but make the most of every minute! As I said, this transit after it’s through won’t be around for another 28 years or so, so now’s the time to get some work done in all Virgoian aspects, such as health, exercise, eating well, organization, order! Get to work!


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