New Moon Mixtape: Scorpio New Moon!

New Moon Mixtape: Scorpio New Moon!


This New Moon Mixtape in celebration of our New Moon in Scorpio this past Saturday is a more reflective mix. Which goes along with the current astrological aspects of this moon cycle which started on the same degree that Venus went Retrograde in last October. Themes seem to be repeating themselves and we may be stuck on old news in an attempt to gain a new perspective on things. I’ve already learned some important information that sheds light on events in August and September and reconnected with many I haven’t heard from in a long time. Perhaps more revitalizations and revelations will be had this coming moon cycle, for Venus (and Jupiter) will no longer be Retrograde with the Full Moon of the 21st as both will turn Direct on the 18th. . . But until then, I recommend a few more weeks of reflecting. I personally never want to look back with regrets and fully processing the past and your decisions is one way to help make sure that doesn’t happen!


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