More on Mars Retrograde: If You Find the Buddha in...

More on Mars Retrograde: If You Find the Buddha in a Dumpster

Many astrologers advise not starting anything new during a Mars retrograde. That would include new work, relationships, weddings, buying important items, etc. etc. They claim that whatever is started during the Mars retrograde will not turn out as expected and will not come to the fruition that was planned.

I’m not sure that I completely buy that adage because we always have to start something during a three month period, and also just because something doesn’t turn out as planned doesn’t mean it won’t turn out somehow to be good or interesting, or worthwhile in whatever capacity it grows into.

However, I do sense already that many, myself included, are not feeling that usually get up and go impulse. What may be happening is that many are simply not feeling like starting new things. The river is moving towards completing the old, rather than starting the new and as we all know it’s hard to push the river.

Therefore this time can be great for “finishing” as this seems to be where the river is taking us. How many of us have unfinished projects that we never seem to have the time to complete? Well we may now have more of a drive to finish those projects. It’s a great time to wrap things up, rest, and do some meditating.

Speaking of meditating, unexpected people or things seemingly lost or from the past can come back to us during retrogrades and Mars retrograde is no exception. I had a serendipetous experience yesterday as I took out my trash. Yes, that is what I said. As I was taking out my trash I looked over at the large dumpster that has taken up residence in front of our building from the past two weeks. I did a double take as I thought I saw something smiling at my on it’s side lying at the top of the corner of the dumpster. I looked again to see a wooden Buddha that someone, I can’t imagine who, had thrown there.

Taking it out, I realized it was handmade and intricately carved out of a large bamboo stalk and who knows how old. Of course I took the buddha with me as if you find the buddha in dumpster, you should clearly take it with you. He is now in residence on a table under my large avocado tree in my living room, smiling happily, reminding me daily how unexpected fortunes can cross our path at any moment.  .  . even, and especially perhaps during retrogrades.


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