Mercury is going Direct: Let’s the Holidays ...

Mercury is going Direct: Let’s the Holidays Begin!

There are times when one can’t wait for a Mercury Retrograde to end, just like one can’t wait to return home after a long trip! That’s how I feel right now; this retrograde has been long and exhausting! There have been lost packages coming to me, Netflix dvds missing in the mail, orders being cancelled, miscommunications with friends, friends getting the dates of brunch wrong, friends being too ill to go to brunch, and cancellations and rescheduling of book groups! I was planning on a little pre-holiday downtime and instead I got a lot of pre-holiday runaround and being ill. What I’ve been able to do, I’ve had to often redo twice in order for them to get them done at all, which almost made me wish I was sicker than I already was, because then maybe I wouldn’t have tried to accomplish anything during this Mercury Retrograde!

If it weren’t the holidays I wouldn’t have been trying to initiate new things at all. That is the “general rule” during most Retros: don’t start something new, but instead finish and review things you’ve already started. I even have to give myself the advice I give everyone else: if you are blocked doing one thing, do what you can do; don’t initiate agendas if you’re not getting anywhere, be flexible and prepared for plans falling through and multiple re-schedulings! But the holidays do have a timeline associated with them sadly. This 12th month with a holiday at the end of the month I think can stress people out more than it relaxes!

However if you have been stressed out, I think will start to get better once Mercury goes direct starting tonight, December the 13th at 8:33 pm EST. In the direct chart, there’s a grand trine with Mercury the Moon and Uranus, in fire signs. This means you can start sending holiday packages out and buying presents if you haven’t already. There are still 12 days until Christmas, and we’ll be out of the Mercury post retrograde “shadow” by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around on the 31st. This means whatever has come up during the retrograde period that might need re-worked should be re-worked by then!

Let it snow and let the holiday season begin!


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