Mercury goes Direct and Moshi Moshi goes POP!

Mercury goes Direct and Moshi Moshi goes POP!

Thinking this evening about the past Mercury Retrograde, which will conclude Wednesday April 4th at 6:11 am EDT with Mercury going Direct, I almost thought “Well that wasn’t bad at all!” But then I remembered everything that had happened in the past three weeks and realized, in fact, it was awful, but thankfully my coping skills had managed to block out a good deal of it!

However this past Mercury Retrograde has treated you, in honor if its change of direction, I thought I’d share a new discovery in the communications department: the Moshi Moshi POP phone for your smart phone! Now, you all might be like me and almost never use your cell phone to actually make a phone call (I know that’s so 90’s and early 00’s right?) but I realized when I heard about this device that I don’t like gabbing away on my smart phone because I do worry that the effects of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device are yet unknown. Why tempt fate says the placid Taurus? I’ll just text instead!

But sometimes you do want to use those rollover minutes that are piling up! And it turns out that the Moshi Moshi Pop phone adapter reduces radiation by 95-99%! I’m sold (although I may not order the device until Mars also goes direct)! The fact that the colors and style of the handset scream of my teeny-bop years in the 80’s is an added bonus! Remember, we had to spend all that time on the phone back then, because well, there was no internet! Now with Mercury Direct, back to the future let’s go!


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