May Full Bloom/Full Moon Mixtape!

May Full Bloom/Full Moon Mixtape!

Coming up soon is the Taurus Sun/Scorpio Full Moon! In Buddhism, this May Taurus Full Moon is considered special, and is marked by a Wesak Celebration, of the life of the Buddha himself, who was supposedly a Taurus.

Although I am not officially a Buddhist, I do have strong Spiritual beliefs and figure the Full Moon in May is as good a time as any to take some time to meditate on our lives, how we can help others, and how we can spread joy and love on a daily basis in our lives.

As the official time of this Wesak Full Moon will be at 7:08 am EDT on May 17th, Tuesday morning right after you get up might be a good time to try a little morning meditation before you head off to work or wherever your day takes you! If we look at the chart of the full moon below we will see that, if you’re in New York (and most likely all of the Eastern seaboard although I haven’t calculated the charts) this full moon will take place when the Sun is in the 12th house, which is considered a very Spiritual and Mystical house where one is able to see the “Big Picture of Life” so to speak. My Sun (and Venus, Mercury, and Saturn for that matter) is in the 12th House and I am a Taurus also, and I do feel like I not only grew up in a household where Spirituality and the concept that our lives, but that I have the perspective that our lives are but a small part of the existence of the rest of the universe, and therefore being egocentric and overly focused on worldly goals and honors is, well, ultimately meaningless. Not that I don’t think that one shouldn’t fight social injustice, or strive for a better humanity! Those things, and also doing your best, ethically and morally, and what you’re driven to do in terms of work and relationships, are all important. But like the Sand Mandala’s that are made in Tibet, where intricate designs are painstakingly made only to be destroyed at the very end, so are our lives. We must live our lives to our very best, knowing that like grains of sand, we will return to the earth at the end of our journey.

But let’s stop with the philosophy and get on with the living, as the end is not here yet! A little music to put us in the mood for the Spring and Summer months ahead!


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