Mars in Virgo: Getting Your Whites Their Whitest!

Mars in Virgo: Getting Your Whites Their Whitest!

Lately I’ve been fixated on something I’ve never been fixated on before: and I blame the fact that Mars recently entered Virgo on June 7th after spending an extended time in Leo during it’s waltz backwards while it retrograded from December 20th of 2009 through March 20 of this year. Speaking of the Mars retrograde: I’ve always heard that astrologically one should not start a romantic/sexual relationship while Mars is retrograde. Sometimes Astromuse doesn’t listen to her own advice. So I tried, and with a Leo for that matter: someone who would have been feeling the retrograde most intensely as Mars was retrograding through the sign of Leo. The results were NG or “Not Good” as they say. I had high hopes that perhaps when Mars would have finished it’s complete retrograde cycle by May 18th that things might improve. But alas, it seems I should have followed my own advice! Keep that in mind the next time Mars goes retrograde a couple years from now!

But now, back to more mundane matters, like why have I suddenly become obsessed with getting my whites whiter? I realized that perhaps it’s Mars stroll through the sign of Virgo that has me wanting everything, including my normally not as organized as it could be apartment, sparkling clean, re-arranged, and efficient! This must be why the other day, out of the blue, I decided to move the furniture of my apartment around to allow for a more roomy, airy feel! And why I now, as a 30 something, I have finally discovered bleach!
Yes, that’s right. I have spent 30 something years never having added bleach to my laundry. How can this be, those of you who actually have natal planets in Virgo, might say? Well, it all started when my mother allowed me not to do laundry as a teenager, preferring me to focus on my academic pursuits. Then after going to a school with a rather high percentage of feminists I must admit I never gave a second thought to mixing in my whites with my colors. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t give it a second thought!
Partly because as someone whose Moon is in Sagittarius, I am a tad clumsy at times. Like when I wear a white shirt, it’s just asking for me to spill coffee on it and consequentially I do! So I have limited the amount of white in my wardrobe, even to the underwear I might add. Until I started realizing that it was limiting my other wardrobe choices as it’s just not good to wear those hot pink v strings when you’re wearing a lighter pastel skirt where you might have just  a tad of see through. Hence, I now have more whites to do, and actually do sort my laundry but on occasion do not, which has led to my whites being a bit dingier than normal.
And normally I don’t care. Let’s face it, life is short and I’m not sure I’ll arrive at the pearly gates and look back and regret not having added bleach all my life to my whites! But I decided to give it a try this weekend, perhaps spurred by Mars, the planet of action and accomplishment, in Virgo the sign of cleanliness and order to add that extra disinfecting and whitening power to my laundry! And indeed bleach does amazing things! My whites are now super white!
So I ask you, how are you going to spend your time while Mars is in Virgo until July 29th? Are you going to discover some hidden aspect of efficiency or zealousness for order or cleanliness or self improvement that you never realized you could possess? Are you too going to discover bleach and whiter than white laundry as well? I hope you discover something wonderful whatever it is!


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